tiger from far East


10 March 1980, South Korea
Folk painting

Tigers never landed to Japanese islands by themselves (there are some in zoos, of course). And the most Eastern tigers were in the Korean peninsula until 100 years ago. In the old paintings in Korea, there were many tigers captured with dignity and humour.

There were only 7 wild tigers counted in 2015 in China, and the majority of the population are in India and South East Asia – less than 4,000 tigers live wild worldwide. This is a horrifying fact I learnt and I am now following the TX2 project by WWF, which was started in 2010 – twelve years ago, the last Tiger year. The conference set the “double the tiger number in 12 years” target then, and this year the report will be revealed. This article tells us why we need to protect wild tigers for the future of the earth.


中国では2015年の調査で7匹が報告され、インドと東南アジアと、日本海に面したロシアに残りが生息しているようです。12年前の寅年にWWFが始めた「TX2 – トラの数を2倍に」キャンペーンの報告がされる今年。トラの個体数は増えているのか?生息域の森林が減るのも問題だけど、漢方薬のための密猟も続いている。トラの現在と、漢方でうたわれる効能まで読めたこの記事でいろいろ学びました。この21世紀に、強壮剤ならトラ以外にもあるよね?美しい動物だけでなく、トラが住める場所を残すことが、地球と人類の将来のためでもあることを考えた新春です。

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