10 March 1999, Mayotte
Founga Cat

A tiger is identified by its bright yellow/orange fur, round ears, stripe patterns on body and tail. Some types have long hair around their face, others have shorter stripes on their upper body. So, is this animal a tiger? It does not look like a cat.

Mayotte is a French oversea region island located between the African continent and the North-west end of Madagascar. In ancient times, many people came over to this area from Borneo – maybe they took a few tiger cubs with them..?

トラは先が丸い耳と縞のあるしっぽと、明るい黄色の色が特徴!というのを学習したのですが、ではこの切手の動物は?Founga catという名前がついているようですが、猫じゃないよね、耳が丸いし。


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