2022 year of tiger


5 June 1975, Liechtenstein
Imperial Insignia – Robe
design: O. Zeiller / engrave: A. Fischer

Happy New Year 2022!
Did you have a good new year’s day? Here in the UK a lot of people are having cozy holidays at home. Unexpectedly warm but very wet, as we had long raining days at the end of last year. Let’s hope for more clear skies (both in weather and mood) in this year.

2022 is dedicated to the Tiger in the Eastern calendar. I found this very Western stamp, which is depicting an Imperial Robe – tigers attacking camels – as the first tiger stamp of the year. I have been reading the ancient-to-medieval history of Europe, and that was when there were continuous battles between aggressors. This robe must be an icon of one moment in that endless record of wars. I wish the world gains peace some time in the future…



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