Easter Eggs


5 March 2001 Liechtenstein
design: Silvia Ruppen
engrave: Wolfgang Seidel

This Friday is beginning of Easter holidays and there are a lots of egg and rabit displays in town – it celebrates arrival of spring.

Pictured eggs are from Russia, sliver egg (top) and Cloisonné enamel (bottom) both from Imperial Workshop in St. Petersburg, around 1896 – 1908.  First Day Cover and history of Russian Easter Eggs are here. One of those workshops, Fabergé made highly decorative egg ornaments called Fabergé Eggs for emperors – the last emperors of Russia.

These two stamps are from a set of three and the third one (2 CHF) was awarded second prize at Grand Prix WIPA 2001 in Vienna – so, it was sold out at the Postal Museum at Vidaz, Liechtenstein and I don’t have it.  Not easy to take photo, but they have beautiful background print, as well as precision engrave of craft works.




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