2023 year of rabbit (or hare)


26 September 1969, Austria
Bicentenary of Albertina Art Collection / “Young Hare” by Albrecht Dürer

Happy New Year to You All!

After 6 months, I am posting here. Well, it is still daunting to think about war, human rights, global warming and the energy crisis… but for being myself, I want to start again.

The year of Rabbit started in Japan, and soon in other Eastern Asian countries. In the Japanese language, rabbit and hare are not very different – just rabbit or wild rabbit. In Europe, there are many wild rabbits, so they have to distinguish, I guess. They all jump ‘byon-byon’, though. This hare is doing a good sitting for the great artist, and this is reproduced beautifully as a stamp.



うさぎ年の最初を祝って、アルブレヒト・デューラーの版画から。毛並みの描写など、原画の雰囲気がとても良く切手に再現されています。これは「野うさぎ = hare 」ですが、おとなしく座っていますね。ヨーロッパでは耳の短い「うさぎ = rabbit 」もたくさん野生化しているので、野原をびょんびょん跳んでいる動物は2種類いるのでした。レストランで供されるのは hare が多いですが、たまに rabbit も見ます。

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