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engraving hands / 彫る手

December 20, 2016


1962 Austria
Stamp Day
design: A. Pilch / engraver: R. Toth

Hands are engraving an intaglio plate for stamps.  Without well trained pair of hands, you don’t have these beautifully engraved stamps.  It seems tools and techniques have not been changed much since the first stamp was engrave in England in 1840.


Red & Black on White / 白地に赤と黒

March 2, 2013


1964 Austria
40 years of Austrian broadcasting

The colours and the central Ö are similar to the stamp from previous post, issued by the same country.  Letter R, in front of Ö is for rundfunk = broadcasting.  Cool design featuring a car radio.

I listen to the radio every morning – the tuning is digital and this layout of the frequency bar with the rotating dials are really evocative.  When I was a teenager, I used to listen to an English conversation program on radio every morning, and had to re-tune the frequency every time as I was listening to pop music on a different channel at night.



handset in the 1970s / 40年前の受話器

April 7, 2012


1972 Austria
completion of full automation
design: A Pilch

This black handset of a telephone is evocative – I remember that I thought the handset was bloody heavy when I first made a telephone call.  I think I was six or seven years old and had to support the handset with both hands whilst talking.  Young children today don’t know about those heavy things, as at the beginning of their memory there are mobile phones!

Although using only two colours, this stamp is attractive for me.  I particularly like the coiled telephone cord which is connected to the map of the country…