dragons in architecture


15 February 1973, Switzerland
Gargoyle, Berne Cathedral
design: H. Hartmann / engrave: A Yersin

There are Chinese origin dragons and European mythical dragons. European dragons have wings, as well as a long beak with sharp teeth – often their mouths are wide open and spitting fire.  I think the top one is a dragon head ( with a crown and fancy lace ) gargoyle.

I enjoy spotting creatures that live on architecture in European cities and towns.  A Gargoyle is a carved stone figure with a spout designed to convey water from a roof.  They are often imaginary creatures or angry faced humans – grotesque.  If you want to break into a church at night, they will scare you off for sure.



4 thoughts on “dragons in architecture

  1. Great Swiss stamps 😀 Grandson is very close from where I live ! The churche has been renovated in some years ago.

    here a document (in French but with nice pictures 🙂 ) concerning that renovation !

    If one day you decide to visit the Western part of Switzerland, drop me a mail 😉

    1. Thank you! Jürgen. Picture of the church is fantastic, also very interesting to see the modern renovation of its interior, as I am designing a chair for church. I like the bench with slats, a lot.

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