oxidized silver love





6 February 2001, United Kingdom
Love / Occasions
design: Springpoint Design
Love / Thanks / Welcome / Cheers

Since I arrived to Tokyo last week, I have been seeing a lot of ‘hearts’ floating in window displays, on greeting cards, balloons attached to temporary chocolate stands – yes, St. Valentine’s Day! Here in Japan, 14 February is a big day, when women are able to express their love to men with a package of chocolate.  In fact, a lot of little ribboned boxes are given to male colleagues, male teachers, fathers, grandfathers and even sons.

I admit that those bubbly hearts cheer up this cold winter towns, and also make you to think about delivering your love.  But I think that love can be expressed every day, not necessarily with floating pink hearts, but with something subtle and blended into your daily life – something like in this oxidized silver.

This is my favourite set with hallmark letters on sliver and nice patina.




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