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vintage cyclist / ヴィンテージ・サイクリスト

July 7, 2012

2 August 1952, Czechoslovakia
‘Physical Culture Propaganda – Cycling’
designer: V. Šprungl
engraver: J. Goldshmied

I joined a vintage cycling event in Belgium last weekend, named Retro Ronde.  About 5oo cyclists had gathered from all over the world – with their bicycles older than 30 years and matching clothes to one’s bike age.  It is a well-organized event, scenic route and snack stops, also tasty beer and dance with a swing band after you finish the ride.  I rode for 40km on my bike from 1970s, my partner did for 70km on his 1950s bike, both French made.

Many of the bicycles in Retro Ronde are 1950s to 1960s racing ones, so the suitable clothing is similar to what this stamp is showing.  But if you look at this stamp closely – the bikes are for track racing with no brakes or mudguards fitted.  The stamp designer seemed to put track racers in a piece of a rainy road…?