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TV and arrows / テレビと矢印

July 30, 2017

1974 Brazil
tribute to Assis Chateaubriand
design: Aluisio Carvao

A stamp dedicated to the founder of the first television network in Brazil, called Rede Tupi.  Dual directional arrows emerge in characteristic TV lines – well, we don’t have these lines on the digital TV anymore…


concentric circles 2 / 電波・同心円その2

June 29, 2017

1965 Turkey
100 years of telecommunication

Although it is not really sophisticated, I am attracted by this stamp with lattice tower and concentric circles plus zig-zag arrows…


electrical arrow / 電撃

April 23, 2013


1965 Bermuda
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

I found more stamps issued for the same theme, the 1965 Telecommunication Union.  This set is from Bermuda, a British overseas territory, thus it has the silhouette of the Queen.  Apart from the Queen, the designer made his/her own interpretation on the ITU’s design guidance – the zig-zag arrow is extended, making a nice and simple composition.


slight variation / バリエーション

April 19, 2013

*exch. 060

17 May 1965, Japan
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design: Yoshiomi Higashikadoi

Issued for the same theme of telecommunication as the previous two stamps from Ceylon, Brazil, France and British.  A Japanese stamp designer had taken guidance from the ITU a little straight, and made minor changes – somehow this modest stamp appeals to me, it’s charming.

If you look at the little detail of the electrical Insulators, and find slight differences in shape between each country – you might share an odd passion on ‘Insulator watchers’ – I am one of those proud Otaku.

国際電気通信連合( ITU )



UIT 100 years / 国際電気通信連合100年

March 30, 2013

1965 Brazil
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

Seeing the top left hand corner of the previous stamp, I remembered this one – a Brazilian stamp which has the same UIT logo with the globe.  Yes, they were issued for the same centenary and this colour combination of bright yellow and green reminds me of cheerful Brazilian music.


and satellite transmission / 衛星通信の登場

March 25, 2013


17 May 1965, France
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design & engraving: Albert Decaris

The last stamp which is showing a Telegraph key – this one shows the history of telecommunications, all-in-one.  The aerial in front of the dome is called a Helical antenna, which was built for High frequency radio communications before the usage of satellites.

I like this way to apply the traditional printing method of intaglio, for picturing the historical and the latest technology, together with lots of stars ( and satellites ) in the sky.  Designed by the same engraver as this stamp, one of my top favourites.