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Olympics 48 years ago / 48年前

August 8, 2012

1964 Czechoslovakia
Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo
designer: A. Podzemna
engraver: J. A. Švengsbír

Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton… ‘Team Britain’ is producing a lots of Olympic gold medalists in cycling.  The Olympic velodrome is full of spectators everyday, sending huge applause to the athletes.

I like this stamp from Czechoslovakia, on the Olympics from 48 years ago – which was held in Japan.  Carefully planned intaglio engraving with 4 colours.  The 1964 Olympics was a really big thing in Japan, as it was a symbol of reconstruction after the Second World War.  There is an exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in London, ‘TOKYO 1964‘ until 7 September.


この切手は1964年の東京オリンピックの自転車競技を描いたチェコスロバキアの切手。ピンクのグラデーションが画面を引きしめつつ、愛らしい図柄です。今、ロンドンの日本大使館では『TOKYO 1964』と題した48年前のオリンピックにまつわる展示が行われています。

track cycling / トラックレース

February 19, 2012

13 July 1963, Belgium
80th Anniversary of Belgian Federation of Bicycle
design: Herman Verbaere
engrave: Charles Leclercqz (top), Henri Decuyper (bottom)

For the last three days we have been watching the Track Cycling World Cup, which was held at the new Olympic Velodrome in London.  It seems the velodrome is a really fine piece of architecture and the audience there were very excited to witness great performances, especially by the British racers.

This set of stamps are delivering the atmosphere of the indoor velodrome well, also the tension and speed of track cycling.  Keirin, a type of racing originating from Japan is now one of the official event in the World Cup and a pacer, on a Derny motor bike is the peculiarity of that race, although the stamp above actually shows another type of motor paced racing where each racer is paced by their own motorbike.

Back in 1963, these stamps were sold to raise supportive fund for Belgium cyclists to be at the Tokyo Olympic in 1964 (via Va-lo:Vé-lo ).  The fund might help the Gold Medal of 1000m time trial in the Olympic.

design: Herman Verbaere
engrave: Constant Spinoy