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jump over a hurdle / ハードルを越えた

December 29, 2014


15 June 1960, Poland
Olympic Games, Rome
design: S. Malecki

This year has passed very fast – OK, this is a fact that each year passes faster than the previous one!  And at least I feel that I have jumped over a hurdle and am getting back to normal.

I like the graceful design of this Polish stamp – do you notice the embossed figure other the horse and rider?  But I was puzzled by the mention of Berlin 1936 here… then I found out that the rider was one of the Polish successes in the previous notorious Olympic Games of that year.



Sir Paul’s Olympic Games / ポール・スミスのオリンピック切手

September 1, 2012

1 January 2012, Isle of Man
London 2012 Olympic Games
design: Sir Paul Smith

There is another set on the Olympic Games, designed by Sir Paul Smith.

I like the top one the best.  As the designer stated in the presentation pack, they are positive and colourful – but I suspect that he did not take a long time to research and design them, unfortunately…  The in-house design team was perhaps shocked by the colour restriction and smallness of what they had to design – even so, for example, the stamp on Archery issued in 2009 has a similar and better composition.

Anyway, they are cheerful and pleasant if you use them on an envelope and a post card, as their colours are sophisticated.





London 1948 / 1度前のロンドンオリンピック

August 24, 2012

29 July 1948, United Kingdom
Olympic Games
‘Speed’ – designed by Abram Games

The first set of stamps from 2012 was the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Definitives, then Welcome to the London 2012 Olympic Games was issued in July.  The latest set is Team GB Gold Medal Winners – none of them are my cup of tea… so, I am featuring a set of Olympic stamps from 1948.

My most favourite is above by Games, showing a kind of sports scene – others are more abstract, telling that the Olympics is a global and peaceful event, hosted by King George VI.  Designers of that time had a tough task – mono colour and the portrait.

‘Globe and Laurel Wreath’ – designed by Percy Metcalfe
‘Winged Victory’ – designed by Edmund Dulac
‘Olympic Speed’ – designed by Stanley D. Scott

p.s. I found this article on above stamps and more, through Going Postal.  Design decision was made by the King himself…


一番のお気に入りは、戦前からすでに有名だったAbram Gamesが手がけた一番上の切手です。スポーツの躍動感がミニマルに描かれ、「地球規模の祭典」という概念も抽象的に表現されています。これで、国王ジョージ6世の横顔を入れないですんだら、どんなにモダンな切手が生まれていただろう、、、と、当時の切手デザイナーの対面していたジレンマについて想像してみたり。

p.s. コレクター仲間のブログ Going Postal に、上の4枚が選ばれた1948年のいきさつについての記事が転載されているのを発見。なるほど、最終決定は国王が下していたのですね。Abram Gamesのを選んでくれて良かったー。

rarely featured on TV, but / 地味だけど

August 20, 2012

27 July 2011, United Kingdon
Olympic & Paralympic Games, Series 3
design: Studio David Hillman
illustration: Daniel Stolle / Anna Goodson Management

We did not see this sport featured much on the TV during the Olympic Games – because no British were participating in it – but there were three Gold medals for Japanese girls!

This stamp is designed nicely, sensitively controlled thickness and volume of white lines and Olympic red & blue colours plus subtle other tones.  I respect this kind of attentive work.



Olympics 48 years ago / 48年前

August 8, 2012

1964 Czechoslovakia
Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo
designer: A. Podzemna
engraver: J. A. Švengsbír

Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton… ‘Team Britain’ is producing a lots of Olympic gold medalists in cycling.  The Olympic velodrome is full of spectators everyday, sending huge applause to the athletes.

I like this stamp from Czechoslovakia, on the Olympics from 48 years ago – which was held in Japan.  Carefully planned intaglio engraving with 4 colours.  The 1964 Olympics was a really big thing in Japan, as it was a symbol of reconstruction after the Second World War.  There is an exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in London, ‘TOKYO 1964‘ until 7 September.


この切手は1964年の東京オリンピックの自転車競技を描いたチェコスロバキアの切手。ピンクのグラデーションが画面を引きしめつつ、愛らしい図柄です。今、ロンドンの日本大使館では『TOKYO 1964』と題した48年前のオリンピックにまつわる展示が行われています。