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Mother Language / 母語

February 23, 2013


4 October 2011, Austria
‘Brand Austria’
designer:  Nik Thoenen

21 February is the International Mother Language Day, which is an annual observance to celebrate and promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and Multilingualism.

This stamp from Austria shows 15 different linguistic groups in the country, in the manner that the size of letters reflect the population of people to use them as their mother tongue – I think.  And I guess that the red letter E, sideways up on top of the central O, is the modern version of the umlaut for Ö of Östereich, when you spell it in the ‘www’ world.

The latest statistics tells us that native British population is less than a half in London.  I am one of these non-British who speaks English for everyday communication.  At the same time I am trying to keep my Mother Language as good as it was – not easy!