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wallpaper and chair / 壁紙とイスと

November 20, 2010

24 August 2007, Finland
‘2+3’ wallpaper by Ilmari and Annikki Tapiovaara in 1958
‘Paimio’ chair by Alvar Aalto in 1931-32
‘Pavroo Garland’ wallpaper in Biedermeier style
Empire style chair

design: Pekka Piipo

I am amazed at how just a few elements can express a sense of  interior.  Wallpaper, the corner of a picture frame, a chair and its shadow – they are enough to convey the atmosphere of the room and taste of the owner.



Lwówek Śląski town hall / 市庁舎のアーチ

November 19, 2010

15 June 1966 Germany
Town Hall of Löwenberg Schlesien ( Lwówek Śląski )

The second ‘interior’ feature is another vaulted interior, in a town hall in Poland, which used to be a part of Germany.  This was one of the definitive stamps featuring monumental buildings.  I searched for how old the building could be but failed to find it, apart from this image.

With very fine engraved lines in different thickness and pitches, the depth of the space is depicted in a small definitive stamp.


「インテリア」テーマの2枚目の切手は1966年に発行されたドイツの普通切手。ドイツとの国境近くにあるポーランドのLwówek Śląski市庁舎内のヴォールトがピッチや太さの違う精緻な線の重なりで描かれています。


vaulting and arches / 穹窿(きゅうりゅう)

November 15, 2010

28 February 1966 UK
900th Anniversary of Westminster Abbey
design & engraving: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co.

I am amazed sometimes by a stamp design which is depicting the depth of a room and sense of space within a little piece of paper.  So, I added a category today to collect these stamps showing ‘interior space’.

This stamp is showing Fan Vaulting of the Henry Ⅶ Chapel, which was built in 16th century.  This was the last stamp with the portrait of the Queen before an introduction of her silhouette, and the portrait is beautifully engraved to match the impressive interior.