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Merry Christmas / メリークリスマス

December 25, 2018

1 December 1987, Netherlands
designer: Henk Corneliseesn

It is a delight to know that the day time is getting longer finally.  In northern Europe people seek light and make decorations to bring psychological brightness…

I love these stamps, only dots in different sizes in a few colours.  I put them in the order which I find most ‘Christmassy’.  How are they for you?




Merry Christmas / メリー クリスマス

December 24, 2012


1960 South Korea

Wherever you go, you listen to Christmas songs.  TV has Christmas special programs and adverts of them all the time.  So, it is natural to find Christmas stamps among others…  yes, I would feature one I like.  Limited colours on rough paper, but delicate dots are showing softness of the socks and it is charming!

Have a peaceful Christmas, everyone.



Merry Christmas / メリークリスマス

December 24, 2011

9 November 1973, Germany

I worked really hard this December – the busiest ever in the last several years.  Finally today, I have the feeling that I am in a festive break.  I wish you all have a very merry Christmas and peaceful gatherings.



under the Mistletoe / ヤドリギの飾り

December 18, 2010

19 November 1980, UK
design: J. Matthews

This snow makes airports closed, rail and tube largely suspended.  The roads are all covered with White and too scary to drive…  Let’s make our home warm and cosy for a long stay!

I specially like the Mistletoe and apples decoration of the top stamp.  Mistletoe is recently recognised in the important role of biological diversity in the wood, because it provides rich food and a base for birds nests.