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bionic hand / 生体工学の手

March 30, 2017

19 February 2015, United Kingdom
Inventive Britaini-LIMB
inventor:  David Gow, stamp design: GBH

I noticed that I have been featuring hands on stamps over a year – well, long enough.  So, it is the last one for this time and an artificial hand.  This hand with lots of tiny motors is invented to help people without their own hand and operated by electrical pulses in the muscles of remaining part of the arm.

The stamp designer used its blueprint, and added its electrical movement of ‘wish’ – signals released from the user’s brain – which triggers the motors to move fingers.  It is not easy to explain such a complicated idea in the space of a stamp, but this is delivering its sense of motion and complexity.




elephant & monkey / 象と猿

January 20, 2016


7 May 2015, Germany

I wrote in the last post that I had already run out of monkey stamps – but I found one more.  This was issued last year, during the ‘Old Toys‘ theme by Europa stamps.

I have some numbers of past Europa stamps – but last year I bought only one, and I like a few more which I want to get, such as French issue and Czech Republic stamp.  Now I notice that photographed old toys are not very attractive for me…



175 years ago, the very first one / 世界発の切手

May 26, 2015

*exch. 065

6 May 2015, United Kingdom
The 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black
designed by Sedley Place

The original stamp was designed by Henry Corbould, based on ‘City’ medal by William Wyon

175 years ago this month, the world’s first stamps were printed and used.  Yes, the Penny Black.  Postal services were already used all over Europe, but for the first time the cost for the delivery of a message is made uniform within a nation by the innovation of stamps – the brainchild of Sir Rowland Hill, who founded the Post Office.

The stamp design is very simple, just added perforation line, the current Queen’s silhouette and denomination on one corner – no other way to celebrate this stamp, I agree.  Then the two are matched with the Twopenny Blue, in a sheet.

*exch. 066




country of spirited people / 元気な人々の国

November 11, 2013


2 December 2010, Philippines
Ateneo de Manila High School

I was in a highly rated national hospital in London in early September for a week.  I was taken care of by a team of the British doctors and a group of hard-working nurses – majority of the nurses were from the Philippines.  They were prompt, kind and cheerful.  My experience in the hospital was lifted up by their merrily smiles a lot.

And now in their mother country, many towns and villages are totally devastated and many people are living without safe place, food and water.  I really hope that the help they need and deserve will arrive to them as quickly as possible.

This stamp is celebrating their most historical educational institution‘s 60th anniversary since it became a university.




autumn colours from Japan / 日本の秋の色

October 23, 2013


30 August 2013, Japan
illustration: Hikaru Hatano
stamp design:  Akira Tamaki

One of the recent issues from Japan has arrived and they are carrying a nice evocative smell of Autumn.  They are beautifully illustrated and made a lot smaller ( 21.5mm × 25.5mm ) than normal commemorative stamps – I like their fineness although they are self-adhesive.


野菜とくだものシリーズ 第1集
原画:波多野 光
切手デザイン:玉木 明

野菜とくだものの切手を載せている間に、今の季節にぴったりのシリーズが届きました。日本の秋の香りが漂ってくるようです。普段は好きではないシール式だけど、イラストの精緻さとこの小さなサイズ ( 21.5mm × 25.5mm ) が相まってとても魅力的。友人の梨影(りえ)さんに、この洋ナシの切手が貼られた展覧会の招待状が届いた話を聞いて、ネットでは伝わらない暖かさを運ぶ切手の存在を改めて確認しました。

home grown vegetables / 家庭菜園から

October 5, 2013


15 January 2011, Thailand
Home-grown Vegetables

Odd shaped vegetables are more attractive than uniform and shiny ones from the supermarket – I have a feeling that many people think in this way, nowadays.  Heart warming vegetable stamps from Thailand.


native animals / もともといた動物たち

August 13, 2013


13 April 2010, United Kingdom
Action for British Mammals
design: Jason Godfrey
photograph: Laurie Cambell for hedgehog, Paul Hobson for polecat

I found the British Wildlife Centre while searching about the Otter.  Hedgehog and Polecat, two animals on today’s stamps are found at this centre, too.  I learned that they are both native to Britain.

It is interesting that you can join the photographic workshops at this Centre.  You may need special techniques to capture animals in photography – these two stamps feature nice faces.  The Hedgehog is surprised by sunlight and the Polecat looks determined.

カワウソのことを調べていて見つけた「British Wildlife Centre」には、この動物たちもいるようです。センターのHPでは、イギリスに今いる動物たちが、もとからいたのか持ち込まれたのかを知ることができます。今日の2枚のハリネズミヨーロッパイタチは原生種でした。


otter / カワウソ

August 12, 2013


13 April 2010, United Kingdom
Action for British Mammals
design: Jason Godfrey / photograph: Paul Hobson

In Britain the Otter was on the verge of extinction about 30 years ago.  After the harmful pesticides were regulated and rivers became cleaner, they are back.  As they live far from towns and their activities start around sunset, we still don’t see them much.

This stamp is issued for the International Year of Biodiversity, one of a set which is featuring rather unfamiliar animals in Britain.  Royal Mail is good on photographic stamps and this series is well executed, showing great details of whiskers and the stream of water.



tracing your letter / 手紙を追跡する

March 16, 2013


9 September 2011, Croatia
’20 Years of Postage Stamps of The Republic of Croatia’
design: Nikola Žinić & Davor Bruketa

This one has the simplest design amongst QR stamps – and it allows you to track the journey of your letter.  The QR takes you to the Croatian Post website, where the sender types the unique number on the stamp, then the receiver logs-in to tell the sender when it has arrived.  Yes, it is a new trial and I wonder how many people will actually use this function?  On the ‘Latest Activity’ section of the web site, it says one letter was posted 3 weeks ago and had not yet arrived to its destination.


QR code on stamps / 切手にQRコード

March 10, 2013


2011 Liechtenstein
‘150 Years of Future’

QR ( Quick Response ) code was invented in Japan in 1994, originally for sorting parts on Toyota production lines.  After 19 years they are used everywhere – naturally on stamps, too.  Post offices in Spain, Taiwan, Russia, Iceland and Croatia have issued similar stamps.

I have installed an application of QR code reader on my iPhone – then what I found via this stamp is a boring cover page of a bank in Liechtenstein.  Well, this bank is 150 years old… then?  This is the latest phenomenon of hyper disappointment, isn’t it?  I don’t like this tendency that the postage stamps are used for advertisement, at all!



www. on stamps / 切手にHPアドレス

March 10, 2013


2008 & 2010, Croatia
‘Ana Rukavina Foundation’

After a stamp features @, here are a set from Croatia, which are showing URL of a National Humanitarian Campaign on leukaemia.  Ana Rukavina Foundation was made to raise awareness of bone marrow donations.  As Ana’s fight against the illness was known through the internet, it is appropriate to spread the information of this campaign via the www address.

I haven’t seen any other URL printed on stamps yet, but a few more have been issued, I imagine.

「@」の載った切手の次は、「www.」が印刷されている切手を。クロアチアで2006年に始まった、白血病患者を救う骨髄献血を呼びかけるキャンペーンの切手には、キャンペーンのロゴとHPが載っています。Ana Rukavinaのブログがきっかけで広まったこの活動をもっと多くの人に知らせるために、切手というメディアを使っていることが興味深いです。


Mother Language / 母語

February 23, 2013


4 October 2011, Austria
‘Brand Austria’
designer:  Nik Thoenen

21 February is the International Mother Language Day, which is an annual observance to celebrate and promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and Multilingualism.

This stamp from Austria shows 15 different linguistic groups in the country, in the manner that the size of letters reflect the population of people to use them as their mother tongue – I think.  And I guess that the red letter E, sideways up on top of the central O, is the modern version of the umlaut for Ö of Östereich, when you spell it in the ‘www’ world.

The latest statistics tells us that native British population is less than a half in London.  I am one of these non-British who speaks English for everyday communication.  At the same time I am trying to keep my Mother Language as good as it was – not easy!




Thunderbird / サンダーバード

October 20, 2012

11 January 2011, United Kingdom
The Genius of Gerry Anderson
Thunderbird (1965)

At the same time as the previously posted Supermarionation series, the Royal Mail issued this Thunderbird – the best known work by Gerry Anderson.  In the same set, they issued special stamps with lenticular printing, to show the starting movements of four Thurderbird ships.

To share the effect of these stamps, I made four movies, 4, 3, 2 and 1 – click the stamp to guide you YouTube clips.  I am not equipped to add sound to these movies yet – this link would give you evocative memories.

Thunderbird 4, piloted by Gordon Tracy
Thunderbird 3, Piloted by Alan Tracy
Thunderbird 2, Piloted by Virgil Tracy
Thunderbird 1, Piloted by Scott Tracy



Supermarionation / 特撮人形劇

October 6, 2012

11 January 2011, United Kingdom
The Genius of Gerry Anderson
Supercar (1961)
Fireball XL5 (1962)
Stingray (1964)
Captain Scarlet (1967)
Joe 90 (1968)

The shape of old style television screens in these stamps, are showing works by Gerry Anderson – of course, best known for the Thunderbird series.  They have influenced a lot of science fiction films after then.

テレビ画面の切手は特撮人形劇プロデューサーのジェリー・アンダーソンの作品たち。上から『スーパーカー』『宇宙船XL-5』『海底大戦争 スティングレイ』『キャプテン・スカーレット』そして『ジョー90』の場面です。『サンダーバード』もアンダーソンの作で、これらのテレビ・シリーズは後の世界中の立体アニメ番組やサイエンスフィクション映画に影響を与えたのは間違いないですね。

Sir Paul’s Olympic Games / ポール・スミスのオリンピック切手

September 1, 2012

1 January 2012, Isle of Man
London 2012 Olympic Games
design: Sir Paul Smith

There is another set on the Olympic Games, designed by Sir Paul Smith.

I like the top one the best.  As the designer stated in the presentation pack, they are positive and colourful – but I suspect that he did not take a long time to research and design them, unfortunately…  The in-house design team was perhaps shocked by the colour restriction and smallness of what they had to design – even so, for example, the stamp on Archery issued in 2009 has a similar and better composition.

Anyway, they are cheerful and pleasant if you use them on an envelope and a post card, as their colours are sophisticated.





rarely featured on TV, but / 地味だけど

August 20, 2012

27 July 2011, United Kingdon
Olympic & Paralympic Games, Series 3
design: Studio David Hillman
illustration: Daniel Stolle / Anna Goodson Management

We did not see this sport featured much on the TV during the Olympic Games – because no British were participating in it – but there were three Gold medals for Japanese girls!

This stamp is designed nicely, sensitively controlled thickness and volume of white lines and Olympic red & blue colours plus subtle other tones.  I respect this kind of attentive work.



paralympic games – 2 / パラリンピック- 2

June 26, 2012

22 July 2010, United Kingdom
‘Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012‘
Paralympic Games: Table Tennis
design: Michael Craig-Martin

Another set of stamps on Olympic games was issued in 2010. My favourite designs are about the Paralympic games, again.  The stamp below is showing the ringing bell of Goalball – which is a team sport designed for blind athletes.

Paralympic Games: Goalball
design: Tobratron


telephone again / 再度、電話機

April 28, 2012


29 June 2011, USA
Pioneers of American Industrial Design

Model 302 Bell telephone, 1937
designed by Henry Dreyfuss (1904-1972)

When I saw this stamp, I thought this crisp telephone design must be the inspiration for the Ericsson telephone which I featured – but the fact seems the opposite.   The Henry Dreyfuss Associates web site is linked to a wikipedia articles, which says that the Ericsson phone was designed in 1929 and Henry Dreyfuss was influenced by that.  So, I amended my post accordingly.

This series of stamps ( 12 of them ) are showing early examples of American industrial design – some of them are familiar and the rest are not.  Simple images are featured, but there is no denomination on the stamp…  Is ‘Forever’ the replacement of postal price?

Two more designs for communication tools below – the radio was designed by Dreyfuss’s mentor Bel Geddes.

この切れのある電話機の切手を見た時、3つ前のポストで紹介したエリクソンの電話機はこれを見て影響を受けたのかも?と思ったのだけど、事実は正反対だったようです。今でも続いているHenry Dreyfuss事務所のHP(おそろしく前時代的なデザインですが、、)からだどって行くwikipediaの記事に、1929年にデザインされたエリクソンの電話機に影響を受けたとしっかり記されていました。

この12枚セットの切手はアメリカのインダストリアルデザイン黎明期を紹介しています。中には見慣れたデザインもあります。ラジオをデザインしたNorman Bel Geddesは、Dreyfussがかつて見習いとして働いたことのあるステージデザイナーでした。


‘Patriot’ radio for Emerson Radio & Phonograph Co. by Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958)
‘Selectric’ typewriter for IBM in 1961 by Eliot Noyes (1910-1977)

fresh leaves / 若葉の季節

April 22, 2012

24 January 2011, Finland
Birch bud and leaf
design: Teemu Ollikainen and Timo Berry

Here in South East England, we have been having this extreme weather – blue sky in the morning and thunder and heavy rain in the afternoon – for last two weeks.  These rains must be giving a great relief to farmers, forests and all plants in the country, after the record dry winter.  The little buds on the Silver Birch tree in front of our house have grown significantly.  Summer soon? ( or too early to say? )

This set of stamps from Finland were issued last year, using the same die-cut tool as the Water Ripple stamps in 2008 – the shape is working better this time, I think.



deliver your wish / 気持ちを届ける

March 14, 2012


21 June 2011, Japan
Charity for East Japan Earthquake Disaster
design: Akira Tamaki

It has been a year since the Tohoku Earthquake happened on 11 March 2011.  There are still a lot of people living in temporary housing, and the debris of towns and cities washed away by the Tsunami are still piled beside the roads in many areas. The nuclear power station is still in the cooling down stage before sealing it off.

This set of stamps were issued to raise emergency support for the struck area, prepared within three months after the earthquake – I guess that was very quick compared to the normal process of issuing stamps.  The design is the reflection of the wish of many Japanese at that time – willing to deliver a message that we are thinking of people who lost their loved ones and their homes.

There was a charity concert in London last Sunday 11 March, to raise continuous support for Tsunami orphans.  Music has a strong power to share, and unites this supportive wish.  I was moved by slides which showed people around the world giving their encouragement to Japan after the tragedy.