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forest heritage of the future / 資産としての森

August 15, 2010


22 September 1991, France
10th World Conference of Forestry
design and engrave: P. Lubin

This stamp is celebrating the 10th anniversary of international conference of forest.  I had impression that forest occupies a great part of counrty life of France and people think it has to be managed for future generations, as the words on this stamp suggest.  Not just timbers for industry, but variety of lives and rich produce of food is still very much appreciated, picked and sold in open air markets, which are opened in every towns and cities.


Changing Taste in Britain / 変わるイギリスの味

August 24, 2009


23 August 2005 United Kingdom
Changing Taste in Britain
design: Catell Ronca and Rose Design

I am the real observer of the change of tase in Brintain.  When I first arrived in London in 1992, there were a few good Japanese restaurants and only one cafe where you can drink strong espresso.  After 17 years the situation is dramatically changed and my eating & cafe life is improved enomously.  These mixture of ethnicity in stamps are very contemporary politically correct in Britain.

17年前にロンドンに住み始めた時、気軽に行ける日本食レストランは数えるほどしかなく、濃いおいしいエスプレッソを飲めたのはソーホーのBar Italiaのみでした。今では手頃で新鮮な寿司があちこちで買え、どこでもエスプレッソが飲める。この20年は、まさに英国にとって劇的な味覚の変化だったのではないかと思います。いろんな人種が切手に登場するのも英国らしいですね。