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energy saving / ドイツの省エネ

April 5, 2011


14 November 1979, Germany
‘Energy Saving’

The seven oldest nuclear power reactors are temporarily shut down in Germany after the Fukushima nuclear incident and discussions on the phase-out process is now dominating the debate in the country.

This stamp is from 32 years ago – the length of time that one nuclear power plant can produce energy under the current German law.

I am interested in energy policy from different countries since the Fukushima problem and recalling the landscape of places I have visited in relation to that. For example, you find a lot of solar panels on houses in Belgium, where the phase-out of nuclear power is in place already.

European cities are not keen to have bright adverts or bright lit vending machines in their towns, and appreciate moody candle light for romantic dinners – but a more radical shift is needed on the manufacturing front and everyday life in the nuclear free future.





energy recycling / エネルギーリサイクリング

March 30, 2011


1 August 1981, Japan
Energy Recycling
design: Hideo Toyomasu ( competition winner )
layout: Yoshiaki Kikuchi

Another stamp in the same set as the previous post, ‘save energy’.  When this stamp was issued, energy recycling did not yet mean ‘renewable’ in Japan, where the mainstream of energy discussion was around building more and more nuclear power plants.

Now, after the tsunami has made the cooling system of the Fukushima power plant disabled, people started to discuss the dangers of having 54 nuclear power plants on the edge of tectonics – and the 300 year long problem of how to keep nuclear waste safe.  I am shocked myself how I did not pay attention to the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, until this large scale distruction. This is going to be a problem all over the world – 531 existing and under construction plus on-going plans of nuclear power plants, if the buildings are not standing there for ever.




save energy / 省エネルギー

March 23, 2011


1 August 1981, Japan
Energy Saving
design: Sakae Maejima ( competition winner )
layout: Fumito Otani

It is not well broadcast abroad that in most of Tokyo people are having planned power cuts, up to 3.5 hours a day.  Many shops are open with reduced illumination, as well as in stations.  They must have a difficult time, even if they expect the black out they have to build their life around it.  But there are some positive comments on their situation – one found that the stars are so beautiful when the street lamps are out, another thought a restaurant was nice and intimate with a table lamp.

I thought I could find several stamps about Energy Saving, but found only a set of two, which were issued in 1981, just after the second oil crisis.  Since then people forgot to think about it for long time and power plants were built to sustain our wasteful habits.




Bio Energy / バイオエネルギー

July 30, 2009


7 January 2009, Denmark

Bio Energy and Low Energy Building
Announcing COP-15, held in Copenhagen December 2009
design: Faber + Wildschiødtz
engrave: L. Sjööblom (9 DKK) & M. Mörck (5.5 DKK)

Beautiful graphic design made me bought them first, then I found what the stamps are about later.  What a brilliant storategy to promote important event such as Convention on Climate Change.