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Northern Birch / 北国のシラカバ

April 25, 2012

4 September 1957, Iceland
design: Mrs. B. Arnasson
Icelandic Birch and Norwegian Spruce

Cool mono colours, crisp intaglio engraving and simple composition.  These stamps evoke an adoration for the short and precious Northern Summer and praiseworthy energy of trees.


fresh leaves / 若葉の季節

April 22, 2012

24 January 2011, Finland
Birch bud and leaf
design: Teemu Ollikainen and Timo Berry

Here in South East England, we have been having this extreme weather – blue sky in the morning and thunder and heavy rain in the afternoon – for last two weeks.  These rains must be giving a great relief to farmers, forests and all plants in the country, after the record dry winter.  The little buds on the Silver Birch tree in front of our house have grown significantly.  Summer soon? ( or too early to say? )

This set of stamps from Finland were issued last year, using the same die-cut tool as the Water Ripple stamps in 2008 – the shape is working better this time, I think.



Autumn colours / 秋の色

October 4, 2010

14 September 1993 United Kingdom
‘The Four Seasons – Autumns’
Horse Chestnut, Blackberry and Pear
design: Charlotte Knox

It was windy and rainy typical autumn weather here last two days, the Epping Forest is wet and colourful – autumn leaves and coloured fruits.

These stamps are printed with ‘Conventional gravure’ method, which makes printing ink appear thick on the paper, allowing glossy depth in the picture.  They are symbolical stamps for me to represent impression of Britain.



plant trees on burnt land / 焼け野原に木を

September 3, 2009


1 April 1948 Japan
illustration: Katsutoshi Hioki
stamp design: Takeo Shimada

In contrast to the last two stamps from 1910’s and 1930’s, this one was made in a hurry and the message was urgency.  Printed on off White coarse paper, density of mono colour creates picture.