paralympic games – 2 / パラリンピック- 2

22 July 2010, United Kingdom
‘Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012‘
Paralympic Games: Table Tennis
design: Michael Craig-Martin

Another set of stamps on Olympic games was issued in 2010. My favourite designs are about the Paralympic games, again.  The stamp below is showing the ringing bell of Goalball – which is a team sport designed for blind athletes.

Paralympic Games: Goalball
design: Tobratron


paralympic games / パラリンピック

22 October 2009, United Kingdom
Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012
Paralympic Games: Equestrian
design: Andrew Davidson

In busy London, Wimbledon has started today.  Then it’s 31 days to Olympic games and 64 days to Paralympic games…  My studio is located on the edge of the ‘Olympics event zone’, and the area is dedicated for authorised staff car parks.  It is easy to imagine that total chaos is coming soon!

Three related sets of stamps were issued for the Olympic games since 2009 – less than half of them I like.  Then I realise that the ones I like are mostly for the Paralympics.  So, I started to look up the details of sports in those games.  In the Equestrian events, people who started this sport for rehabilitation from Cerebral palsy will exhibit their developed skills, for example.

Not just for top elites of pro sports or mere nationalism, it will be very interesting to watch the results for people with a different type of motivation.

Paralympic Games: Archery
design: George Hardie