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Your heart is your health / ハートビート・バレンタイン

February 14, 2016


7 April 1972, Ireland
World Health Day – ‘Your heart is your health’
art work: Louis Le Brocquy

I looked up a stamp for St Valentine’s day – and found this set, and they were issued to draw attention to the importance of listening your heart beat.  The text is in Gaelic Language, and Slàinte! is used for a toast… like Cheers!  This is my first featured stamp from Ireland – I did not pay attention to their stamps until recently, but found some nice ones issued.

Then I found this article ‘A Visual Catalogue of Irish Commemorative Stamps 1929 – 2013‘ and the writer says these heart stamps are a ‘true graphic art nasty’ and she mentions this Malta heart stamp and wrote ‘almost bearable’.  Ummmm, I don’t agree with her at all!




pink kawaii? / ピンクかわいい?

August 13, 2015

*exch. 067  ( limited number )

11 January 2006, Finland
St. Valentine’s Day

I am still thinking about kawaii/cute in stamps – how about colours?  OK, this is not only colour, but with a motif, of course.  Yet, is it still cute if not in pink?

I did not like the colour of pink for long time, since my low-teen until recently, because I though pink is representing girly flatter to gain anything better, which I was not equipped with.  I was reconciled with pink when I recognised that I am not called ‘girl’ any more.

Anyway, this stamp is simple and cute, and it delivers very strong message, anytime.




rainbow Love / ♡な日が近い

February 12, 2015

*exch. 064  ( limited number )

31 January 1984, USA

St. Valentine’s Day is soon.  I know the chocolate shops in Japan are in the busiest time of the year.  Here in East London, where Christians could be a minority group, you can see modest red hearts only in the supermarket check-out area.

I like the font on this stamp and I discovered that it is called ‘Bodoni‘ designed in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni – a 226 year old font!   It is interesting to learn that the typographer is already a recognised profession in Europe at that time, alongside the rapid development of Letterpress printing since the 15th century.



roses? / バラじゃなくても

February 14, 2013

2 January 1997, Sweden
designer: Olöf Baldursdóttir

St. Valentine’s Day.
I believe that a card with sincere words would deliver your love – you don’t have to buy expensive roses, artificially grown towards today and transported from the far end of the globe!  The best solution for a remote love is using a stamp like this…

Have a lovely day!



oxidized silver love / いぶし銀の♡

February 13, 2012

*exch. 053 ( one mint only )

6 February 2001, United Kingdom
design: Springpoint Design

Since I arrived to Tokyo last week, I have been seeing a lot of ‘hearts’ floating in window displays, on greeting cards, balloons attached to temporary chocolate stands – yes, St. Valentine’s Day! Here in Japan, 14 February is a big day, when women are able to express their love to men with a package of chocolate.  In fact, a lot of little ribboned boxes are given to male colleagues, male teachers, fathers, grandfathers and even sons.

I admit that those bubbly hearts cheer up this cold winter towns, and also make you to think about delivering your love.  But I think that love can be expressed every day, not necessarily with floating pink hearts, but with something subtle and blended into your daily life – something like in this oxidized silver.

This is my favourite set with hallmark letters on sliver and nice patina.

*exch. 054
*exch. 055 ( one mint only )
*exch. 056 ( one mint only )





fortune charms / 幸運を呼ぶカタチ

February 3, 2010

*exch.033 & 034 ( both limited number )

24 October 1970 Sweden
25th Anniversary of United Nations

design: L.-E. Lallerstedt
engrave: Czeslaw Slania

I thought ‘three hearts’ could have been issued for St. Valentine’s Day – although it wasn’t, still makes me happy.  Three four-leaved clovers as well.  They are engraved by Czeslaw Slania, very crisp and worth looking into them with magnifier.