3. exchange of stamps


This *exch. underneath an image is the indication for what I have duplicates.  There is also *exchange list on Topics.

If you find anything you wish to have, please write me the number, together with a snap photo of stamp you wish to exchange, to the address below.  If could you refer my ‘collecting themes‘, you might narrow down types of stamps what I am looking for.


If I like what you propose and is not duplication of my collection, I would like to forward you my postal address and ask your one on reply mail.  When both posal addresses are releaved, I start to pack the stamp and post.

When *exch. number has note ‘limited number’, that means I have less than three duplications.

Basic exchange would be 1 mint vs 1 mint or 2 used – but in case I really like what you propose, this does not really matter and I would accept 1 mint vs 1 used.  Please do forward me photo first.

I hope this simple principle works and you do not mind me taking a bit of time to reply – as I am working during week, also frequently travelling.

6 Responses to “3. exchange of stamps”

  1. Ernesto Tsuji Says:


    I´m intersted in stamp exchange.

    Brazil x Japan.

    Do you know some e mail address to exchange ?



  2. shinjini Says:


  3. shinjini Says:

    is your exchange offer limited to what are shown in your exchange list

  4. Tomoko Says:

    Hello, Shinjini

    Yes, only the stamps on exchange list are available at the moment. I will make extended list of non-featured stamps as well in the near future.

    Looking forward to receive your snaps.

  5. Ernesto Massami Tsuji Says:

    Hi, Tomoko.
    Sorry about late answer.
    Could you send me a email, please ?
    We can do some brazilian stamp exchange.

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