2. collecting themes

You may think that I have too many themes to collect – yes, but most importantly, I collect well designed stamps.  If a stamp is made with love, I am interested in the subject.  If a stamp is issued without passion or aesthetics, I may lose my interest of the country or concerned about its obstructed bureaucracy…


< artist >

When artists are involved, the results are often beautiful.  I am also interested in finding how the original art works are framed within stamps, too.


< bicycle & cycling >

Many countries issue stamps on bicycle, related to famous bicycle races, Olympics and postal delivery.  I am collecting those if I find nice design and most keen on female cyclist.


< cat >

When a stamp designer depicts sweetness of cats, the result is often not my cup of tea.  I like mean cat and wild cat with sharp eyes.


< endangered species >

When I consult animals on stamps, sometime I come across IUCN indication of endangered species.  Some was already endangered when featured and others are declined in recent years.  Through stamps I learn about the global crisis.


< energy & environment >

We face serious matter.  So, I collect all sorts of windmill as ancient wisdom, and trials of renewable energy.


< food & cooking >

I am interested in regional delicacies, also how food are grown and supplied – agriculture and fishing are my area of collection.


< furniture & product design >

I am delighted to see designs are featured to represent a country.  Scandinavians are often proud of their designers, and I am hoping other countries to follow.


< hands >

Hands are used to express many different feeling or social status in large number of stamps.  As I desire a re-surrection of power of hands, I collect them to be encouraged.


1925 Switzerland
< heraldry >

As their origin, which was designed for recognition from some distance, they are often suitable motif for stamps.


< house & town-scape >

I am not keen on monumental architecture, but attracted by rural landscapes and domestic houses – because I can sense people’s lives and wisdom in the way they maintain dwellings.


< indigenous & folk >

Often indigenous arts are creation of minority.  I would like to see nations’ appreciation on diversity of people and native culture.


< interior >

I am amazed sometimes that the depth of a room and sense of space within a little piece of stamp.  Also, a little element of interior evokes an atmosphere of time.


< ironwork >

My best favourite museums are Musée Le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen and iron gallery in V&A.  I think I was a medieval blacksmith in my previous incarnation.


< kawaii / cute >

I made this category because I want to find my own definition of Kawaii/cute.  I find some stamps are too sweet and annoying, but others are kawaii for me.  It might be clear if I have listed samples…


< light, lamp & torch >

I design lighting myself, also use light effects in space design.  It is interesting to find lights and torches on stamps, often with symbolical meanings.


< map & compass roses >

It is not true that woman cannot read maps.  I like maps and read them well – in fact I am often better than GPS car nav.  Maybe maps are matching size and format for stamps? – I like most of those and enjoy looking at them with magnifier.


< owl >

I hear sound of owls sometime from neighbourhood forest but I never see them in real.  So, I collect stamps of owls to know about them a bit.


< road safety >

When I ride bicycle I am scared by rough drivers on road and think about these stamps.


< stamp & postal service >

When a postal authority issues stamps of themselves, the stamps are made with love.  Promotion on writing letters are often nice ones, as concept is about communication.


< tree, wood & forest care >

I am interested in wood as material of what I often use, as well as forest to walk in.  And the forest management and wood industry have strong connection to environmental issues, of course.


< water >

It could be abstract to draw water – but there are many interesting examples to depict water with various approaches.  Results are often translucent and beautiful.


< works by Czesław Słania >

I found some of my best favorite stamps are works of an engraver, Czesław Słania.  More than 1000 stamps were engraved by him – some are examples of high precision and others are artistically spontaneous.

One Response to “2. collecting themes”

  1. Mark Says:

    I read today that you want to start collecting NZ stamps. If you contact me via email I can send you some in return for you continuing to maintain this most excellent blog.

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