2. collecting themes

You may think that I have too many themes to collect – maybe it is true, but most importantly, I collect beautiful stamps.   If the stamp is well designed and carefully made, I am interested in the subject.  If a stamp is issued without passion and aesthetics, I may lose my interest of the country or concerned about its obstructed bureaucracy…


< artist >

When an art work is featured or an artist designs stamps, they are often beautiful.  I am also interested in to find how the original art works are framed within stamps, too.


GB 1978-2 41x30
< bicycle & cycling >

Many countries issue stamps on bicycle, related to famous bicycle races, Olympics and postal delivery.  I am collecting those if I find nice design.  I am most keen on female cyclist.  There are stamps on cycling as leisure, as well as everyday use and road safety.  It is also a fun to spot little bicycle on a stamp of different theme.


< cat >

When a stamp designer was trying to depict sweetness of cat, that was often failed – or he/she may be success, but the stamp does not appeal to me.  I like cheeky cat and wild cat with sharp eyes.


< endangered species >

When I consult animal or insect on stamps, sometime I come across IUCN indication of endangered species.  Some was already endangered when depicted and others are declined in recent years.  Through stamps I started to collect information of them.


< environment & sustainable >

There are a lots of discussions on Wind Turbine, its heavy investment, impact for natural lives and noise it produces.  But I think we have to support development of this method, preparing when the fossil oil has expired in the near future.  So, I collect all sorts of windmill as ancient wisdom, and trials of renewable energy.  Saving energy campaign has been historical theme of stamps in many countries, too.


< food & cooking >

Food and cooking are unique area by area.  How people depict eating is also varied in different places.  Not only about regional delicacy, but also how food are supplied – agriculture and fishing are my area of collection.


< furniture & product design >

As my profession, I am delighted to see furniture and product designs are featured to represent the country.  Scandinavians are often proud of their designers, but French are more keen on artists.  Somehow both does not happen in contemporary Japan.  Very interesting to compare these trend and guess what makes those circumstances.


< graphic design >

I would put this category anything I like graphically and appreciate its typographical beauty, also when ‘stamp design’ is working well.  I am keen to collect stamps only using letters, no other elements.  Special print, embossed or interesting materials would be in this group.


< house & townscape >

I am not keen on monumental architecture or historical sites, but attracted by rural landscapes and domestic houses – which I can sense people’s lives and wisdom in the way they maintain them.


< interior >

I am amazed sometimes by a stamp design which is depicting the depth of a room and sense of space within a little piece of paper.  Also, a little element of interior evokes an atmosphere of a room, too.


< kawaii / cute >

I made this category because I want to find definition of Kawaii/cute myself.  I know what I accept as attractive and what I feel too sweet or annoying, but I am not sure what makes of these subtle difference.  It might be deferred by mood of the day, but it is somehow big matter for me – what makes man-made fawn or pleasant sweetness.


< light, lamp & torch >

I design lighting myself, also use light effects in space design.  It is interesting to find usage of light or torch on stamps, often symbolical meaning is there.  Personally, I would miss quality of light and shadow of Incandescent light bulb when they will be all gone – knowing their impact for the environment.


< map >

It is not true that woman cannot read maps.  I like maps and read them well – in fact I am often better than GPS car navigation.  Maybe maps are suitable subject, matching size and format of stamps, I like most of those and enjoy looking at them with magnifier.  Maps on stamps also tell me history of countries which I didn’t know.


< owl >

I hear sound of owls sometime at night.  It is mysterious voice as I never see them in real.  So, I collect stamps of owls to know about them a bit.


< road safety >

When I ride bicycle I am scared by rough drivers on road in the UK and notice big difference in driving manners across each countries.  I know that those rough drivers are not a kind of people who appreciate stamps – but still, I would support those stamps to promote peace and safety on road.


< stamp & postal service >

When the postal authority issues stamps of themselves, the stamps are made with love – I think.  Promoting writing letters are often nice ones, as concept is about communication.


< tea time >

Offering tea is a hospitality, and historically related to health.  Naturally the tone of the stamp is warm and welcoming.  I am interested in goods at tea time, too – tea pot, mug, cup & saucer and of course – sweets!


< tent & mobile home >

I have been fascinated by any type of mobile homes and outdoor kitchens, although I have not done camping for long time.  Maybe nomadic DNA tells me ‘go out, stay in the fields’…


< tree, wood & forest care >

I am interested in wood as material of what I often use, as well as forest to walk in.  The forest management and wood industry as well – they have strong connection to sustainability and environmental issues.


< water >

It could be abstract to draw water – but there are many interesting examples to depict water with various approaches.  Results are often translucent and beautiful.


< works by Czesław Słania >

I found some of my best favorite stamps are works of an engraver, Czesław Słania.  More than 1000 stamps were engraved by him – some are examples of high precision and others are artistically spontaneous.

One Response to “2. collecting themes”

  1. Mark Says:

    I read today that you want to start collecting NZ stamps. If you contact me via email I can send you some in return for you continuing to maintain this most excellent blog.

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