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floating envelopes / 宙に浮く封筒

March 28, 2012

1958 Turkey
Letter Writing Week

I finally realised myself that I have an envelope fetish – I cannot throw away used but not damaged envelopes, especially one that has a nice coloured lining or printed patterns.  I made a set of artworks, using those insides of used envelopes for a charity exhibition, and it was very satisfactory when someone bought them.

So, I am naturally attracted by this charming 1950s stamp from Turkey.  They are on their way to be delivered, as they have cancellation marks.



sea dragon? / タツノオトシゴ

January 8, 2012

1959 Turkey
50 years of Maritime High School

I used the top stamp for my studio’s new year celebration image, since the New Year is the year of the Dragon.  Because the Japanese name of the creature in the sea is translated as ‘Child of Dragon’, I thought it was called Sea Dragon in English, too.

Now I know that the Sea Dragon is leafy one, or like algae – and the normal ones are named Sea Horse.  Maybe all non-Japanese people did not get why I used the Sea Horse…  never mind!

This set is celebrating the Turkish Maritime school in Istanbul.  I visited Istanbul for the first time last year.  Beautiful view it has, surrounded by oceans – it is an important place between Europe and Asia.

昨年末はあわただしかったので年賀状をあきらめ、上の一枚をスタジオの年賀の画像に使いました。メールを送り出したあとで「で、どうして Sea Horse の切手なの?」と聞かれて、、、ぇえ!?

タツノオトシゴは英語で Sea Dragon だと思いこんでいたのだけど、こんなひらひらが付いているのとか、さらにひらひらで海藻に見えるこんなのだけが Sea Dragon で、あとは Sea Horse だったのです。日本語でもウミウマとかカイマとも呼ばれてることも初めて知りました。