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Nyoro Nyoro in Moominvalley / ムーミン谷のニョロニョロ

January 13, 2013


6 May 2011, Finland
illustration: Tove Jansson
design:  Satu Lusa

Nyoro Nyoro in Japan is the name of a creature in Tove Jansson‘s Moomin series – they are pictured on the third stamp, called Hattifattener in English translations.  They walk swayingly together and gather in mass numbers when a storm is arriving… then get electrified in a ceremonial manner!

These three stamps from ‘Hur gick det sen? (1952)’ are showing beverage/tea time in Moominvalley.  Oh no, not a drop left in a flask…



Changing Taste in Britain / 変わるイギリスの味

August 24, 2009

23 August 2005 United Kingdom
Changing Taste in Britain
design: Catell Ronca and Rose Design

I am the real observer of the change of tase in Brintain.  When I first arrived in London in 1992, there were a few good Japanese restaurants and only one cafe where you can drink strong espresso.  After 17 years the situation is dramatically changed and my eating & cafe life is improved enomously.  These mixture of ethnicity in stamps are very contemporary politically correct in Britain.

17年前にロンドンに住み始めた時、気軽に行ける日本食レストランは数えるほどしかなく、濃いおいしいエスプレッソを飲めたのはソーホーのBar Italiaのみでした。今では手頃で新鮮な寿司があちこちで買え、どこでもエスプレッソが飲める。この20年は、まさに英国にとって劇的な味覚の変化だったのではないかと思います。いろんな人種が切手に登場するのも英国らしいですね。

Japanese sweet / 和菓子とお抹茶

August 19, 2009

24 February 1984 Japan
20th National Exposition of Confectionary

Japanese sweet, together with bamboo whisk for Tea Ceremory.


Coat of Arms on tea pot / 紋章入り茶器

August 18, 2009

1995 Australia
Fifty years of National Trust

Rather old fashioned, nicely Intaglio printed ceramic tea pot and statue.  I like this kind of simplicity a lot.


when she was 80 years old / 80歳のお祝い

August 17, 2009

1991 Australia
150 Years of Photography
photo: ‘Tea Cup Ballet’ 1935 by Olive Cotton (1911-2003)

This Australian modernist woman photographer was 80 years old when this stamp was issued.  Very nice way to celebrate history of photography and also achievement of a pioneer female photographer.


Cha Hu / 喫茶の道具

July 23, 2009

5 May 1994, China
Unglazed Purple Teasets at Yixing
design: 李印清 & 王虎鳴

Tree Legs tea pot from Ming Dynasty (top), Four Legs Square tea pot (second) and Bamboo Bunch tea pot (thrid) from Qing Dynasty and modern pot with handle (bottom).  All made in typical cray from Yixing area and they are for Oolong Tea.


steel kettles / 鉄の茶瓶

May 8, 2009

8 August 1985 Japan

Traditional Arts and Crafts Series.  Photogravure with engraving depictis refine pattern on kettles, called Nanbu-Tekki, made in Iwate prefecture of North Eastern Japan.


Industrial Art / 工芸美術

May 2, 2009

15 February 1990 Denmark
Museum of Industrial Art
engrave: A. Kühlmann

It must had been made of Silver and Ebony.  I have to visit this museum, Kunstindustrimuseet.

Sweet world of postage stamps / 甘い匂いの切手

May 1, 2009

9 May 2001 Switzerland
design: R. Shraivogel and Y. Netzhammer

If you rub surface of this stamp, sweet chocolate scent is released.  Foil paper wrapping print is fantastic if you buy a sheet.