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travelled sheep / 旅した羊

January 5, 2015

1933Falkland Islands001

1933 Falkland Islands
Romney Marsh Ram

An ancestor of this hairy Ram has travelled a long distance from Scotland, about 70 years before this stamp was issued.  The Falkland Islands, one of the British Overseas Territories, has a sheep in their flag and about 670,000 sheep live in those islands, where less than 3,000 people populate.

I forgot how I got this handsome stamp – and when I looked up Stanley Gibbons website I found that it is one of a set of 12 and the set is sold for £4,000!  Big surprise, but this is not the valuable one…



fishing islands / 漁業の島

February 28, 2011

5 December 1932, St. Pierre et Miquelon
design: Gimel
engrave: C. Hourriez

If you examine the enlarged map of previous post closely, you may find a little island near the south end of Newfoundland, carefully NOT hatched – this is the indication of these French islands at that time and still now, Saint Pierre and Miquelon. This is an important fishing area throughout history.

I enjoy this type of map more than the previous one, as it is a little closer to human scale, together with pictured fishermen.

This is a beautiful example of typography – somewhat naive carved lines if you compare them to sharp intaglio prints.

1931Saint Pierre and Miquel001 -3copy




Island in wave / 海に浮かぶ島々

November 19, 2009

1933 Denmark
issued 1990 ( 25 øre ) and 1983 ( 100 øre )
design by J. Therchilsen in 1906
engraver J. Britze ( original 1933 ) and Czeslaw Slania ( 25 øre )

Both based on a definitive stamp design from 1906, and modified a little bit in 1933.  It is graphically stabled and very clear to carry charactor of the country, as well as liberal enough to limit expression of the royal Coat of arms – many reasons could be think of why the design of this stamp had survived this long.


post bus / ポストバス

September 18, 2009

5 September 1937 Switzwerland
design: B. Reber

National bus service in Switzerland still carry Yellow horn, mark of postal service, as they were born from the vehicles which were carrying post. Just before the World War, it is impressive that Switzerland produced this high quality stamp, if you compare stamps from other countries.


Red Cross from Japan / 日本赤十字

September 1, 2009


1 October 1934 Japan
15th Rod Cross International Conference

Off centred, but beautifully curved Intaglio stamp.  The red cross is in different process of typography, a bit mottled ink shows primitive but tasteful contrast to the rest.  I was amazed by magnified view – very fine engraving.  It seems they took long time to complete one plate, but not very careful when print stamps.