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first stamp of Canada / カナダ最初の切手

November 20, 2011

1 July 1859, Canada
design: Sandford Fleming
engraver: Alfred Jones

I am a fan of Canadian stamps, especially when I learned the fact that their first stamp featured a Beaver!  OK, they made higher value stamps with the heads of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria at almost the same time, but they were issued a month later.  This perforated 5 cent stamp was the third edition of their very first Beaver, using the same design.

Another reason why I am a fan of Canadian stamps – is this fantastic archive.  People who made this archive are proud of their history and like to talk about the designers and artists involved.  I can see the face of the engraver, who carved a smiling sun behind the Beaver 160 years ago – this is great!

A beaver building a dam was symbolic of the people in the young country of Canada building their towns, cities, and communities’ – this is the reason behind the first stamp, according to the article in this archive.