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Telegraph key / 電鍵

March 22, 2013

1 June 1962, New Zealand
Telegraph Centenary
design: A G Mitchell

This stamp is celebrating 100 years of the telegraph in New Zealand.  The picture shows an early Telegraph key for sending Morse code, with operating hand, and telegraph poles and wire.  The hand looks somehow strained – it must be sending an urgent and important message.

It is interesting to see these modern alternatives to postal services, which are often depicted on stamps.  They did not imagine about the new world with ‘internet file transfer services’ yet, did they?

The host of Going Postal gave this stamp to me, among with many others from New Zealand.  Thank you!



another archive! / アーカイブ好き

November 29, 2011

1 September 1971, New Zealand
Mount Cook National Park
design: Mark Cleverley

I found another stamp archive from New Zealand, which tells me the stories of historical stamps.  So, I will start collecting stamps from the new world, as I can find the year of issue and name of the designer who made this rather unusual colour of sky.  I couldn’t find what are the animals in this stamp, though.

The archive tells me that the first New Zealand stamp motif was Queen Victoria.