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courier bird / 運ぶ鳥

March 18, 2012

1974 Australia
Centenary of Universal Postal Union
design: John Copeland

When I posted the last stamp I thought about this one, as a bird is used as a symbol of delivering messages or good will.  Bright colours and simple composition – very pleasant to receive an envelope or card with these stamps, I think.

From my previous post, this is another bird carrying a letter, from Germany.  I never knew how a carrier pigeon takes a message while flying – no doubt, not by beak, I guess…   OK, according to wikipedia it was a little tube on their feet, but some of those pigeons carried up to 75 grams of messages!



Aboriginal art / アボリジニのアート

May 23, 2011

1947 Australia

The British Museum has an Australian season over this summer, featuring art, crafts and history.  One of the curators of the British Museum was talking about Aboriginal art on the radio tonight and that reminded me of this stamp.

Featuring indigenous people’s art in 1947 was in fact very early compared to other countries which were settled by immigrants.  15 years later than this stamp, in 1962, all the Aboriginal tribes in Australia finally had the right to vote.



save energy / 省エネ

August 30, 2009

2009 Australia
8.30 PM 28. 03.09 Earth Hour
design: Hoyne Design

Owl is turning Switch Off and Atelidae is hanging on cord to pull the Light Out.  Straight forward and appearing design to announce this campagne for environmental action.


Coat of Arms on tea pot / 紋章入り茶器

August 18, 2009

1995 Australia
Fifty years of National Trust

Rather old fashioned, nicely Intaglio printed ceramic tea pot and statue.  I like this kind of simplicity a lot.


when she was 80 years old / 80歳のお祝い

August 17, 2009

1991 Australia
150 Years of Photography
photo: ‘Tea Cup Ballet’ 1935 by Olive Cotton (1911-2003)

This Australian modernist woman photographer was 80 years old when this stamp was issued.  Very nice way to celebrate history of photography and also achievement of a pioneer female photographer.