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Heart and hand / ハートと腕

March 26, 2016


Uruguay 1973
Pan-American Federation of blood donation

Another example for encouraging blood donation – this time, a hand is used as symbol to give a gift, which is the heart as extended life, and the arm shows the position for blood donation.  It has strong composition and looks good, despite using only two colours.


irreplaceable / かけがえのない

January 15, 2015


1971 Uruguay
Natural Woolen – Irreplaceable

The rear half of a sheep is a roll of woolen fabric… I tried to find out about sheep in Uruguay, but could not find if they were the original species or if Europeans brought them to South America.  In either case, the farming of sheep was an important industry in 1971.


Merry Christmas! / メリークリスマス

December 24, 2014


1978 Uruguay
design: F. Alvarez Cozzi

After all greetings ( received only ) and tidy up of the year, finally I am in a mood of holidays/resting.  I have just got a new music book of baroque for Ukulele  – now I am thinking of design for the new year’s greeting message.

This Christmas stamp from Uruguay has refined style and peaceful atmosphere – but this stamp was released when the current president José Mujica, known for his criticism against rich politicians, was imprisoned by the Right wing police state.



riding in sunset / 夕焼けを背に

March 15, 2010

1964 Uruguay
Tokyo Olympic Games 1964: Cycling
design: Rudi Grams

Nice colour and composition stamp from Uruguay in South America, for the Tokyo Olympic 1964.  The racer trained very hard until sun sets.  It seems well adjusted letterpress print and designer name is found on a corner.  I did not know exact location of the country, so looked up wikipedia and discovered that they kept making high quality stamps, despite in their economical difficulties of 1960’s.