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racer’s legs? / レーサーの足?

March 14, 2010

1963 Nicaragua
Olympic airmail stamp

It seems have relation to Tokyo Olympic 1964.  The bicycle looks like one for track racing and legs are young girl’s ( aren’t they? ).  There were no Women track racing until 1988 and Women road race was started in 1984. This atractive stamp has nice colour and unique composition, but mysterious.

Also it says on the bottom ‘ Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd Japon’ – so, this stamp was made in Japan.  What was the connection between Japan and Nicaragua in 1960’s?


しかも欄外の下に「Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd Japon」と書かれていて、この切手は大日本印刷で刷られたようです。独裁政権下だった1960年代のニカラグアは日本に繋がりがあったのですね。