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honey as an export

December 4, 2020


1983 Mexico
Mexican exports
design: Rafael Davidson

If you have an excess of flowers and bees, you can produce honey for export. This was so in 1980s Mexico and it still is. I wasn’t aware of how far those honeys in bottles have travelled….


Jeans / ジーンズ

November 20, 2014


1975 Mexico
Mexican exports
design: Rafael Davidson

Jeans – I had a kind of complex about my legs and didn’t wear jeans until 10 years ago.  But now, I realise jeans are for functionality not fashion, then I enjoy their adjustability on many occasions – I love them.

These stamps are from the ‘Export from Mexico’ issue – the simplicity of design suits to the subject very well.



autumn appetite / 食欲の秋

October 23, 2014

1975 Mexico
Mexican exports
design: Rafael Davidson

After red wine, my appetite goes to beef – but I think my consumption of beef in recent years has been reduced.  This is because of my age, amount of exercises goes down and a little concern to the environmental issue, I guess.

In 1975, beef was one of the main export from Mexico and this is one of my favourite example of definitive stamps in the same format.  The following one of shoes – the byproducts of beef, I guess, is modest yet cool.

I met a numbers of young designers from Mexico through the Vitra Design Museum Workshops at Boisbuche and they are almost all female, somehow.  All of them are hard-working ladies with bright smile and they form my impression of the country.



フランスのBoisubuchetで主催されるVitra Design Museum Workshopsで、ここ数年たくさんのメキシコ人デザイナーと出会いました。なぜかほぼ全員女性で、働き者の陽気な人たち。わたしのメキシコの印象は、この女性たちのあたたかい笑顔で満たされているのでした。