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long ears and hump back

January 10, 2021


1 May 1942, Brazil
Zebu: 2nd Agriculture and Cattle Show

This stamp celebrated a cattle exhibition. This virtuous looking bull (or cow?) was introduced from India, because those long eared species have more resistance to heat.

76 years on since this stamp, Brazil had the world largest population of cattle in 2018 ( almost the same as the human population ), and soy production to feed livestock there and to export has been expanding greatly in the last 2 years, causing deforestation on a massive scale.



TV and arrows / テレビと矢印

July 30, 2017

1974 Brazil
tribute to Assis Chateaubriand
design: Aluisio Carvao

A stamp dedicated to the founder of the first television network in Brazil, called Rede Tupi.  Dual directional arrows emerge in characteristic TV lines – well, we don’t have these lines on the digital TV anymore…


concentric and arrows / 同心円と矢印

July 8, 2017

1974 Brazil
tribute to Edgar Roquette-Pinto
design: Aluisio Carvao

A stamp dedicated to the founder of the first radio station in Brazil, called Radio Society of Rio de Janeiro.  Cool design of radio waves from a tower – a bit psychedelic yet well controlled.


UIT 100 years / 国際電気通信連合100年

March 30, 2013

1965 Brazil
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

Seeing the top left hand corner of the previous stamp, I remembered this one – a Brazilian stamp which has the same UIT logo with the globe.  Yes, they were issued for the same centenary and this colour combination of bright yellow and green reminds me of cheerful Brazilian music.


telecommunication / 遠距離通信

June 1, 2012

1980 Brazil
15 years of Embratel
design: Gian Calvi

Issued in 1980, this stamp shows six different ways of sending messages to a remote place – I am not sure what the left hand side top image indicates, though…  Middle one on the right hand side is a punch card.  My mother (born 1937) was a forefront key puncher from 1955 in the Mazda car factory.  The recording efficiency has been dramatically improved since!

I like this simple composition and modest colours.