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350 years apart? / 350年のちがい?

July 31, 2014


1959 Bermuda

In 1609 an English ship was drifted to an island which was already named Bermuda after a Spanish navigator Juan de Bermudez, who reported about this uninhabited island in early 16th century.

This stamp is celebrating this arrival of English people with two Royal heraldry in 1609 (King James I) and 1959 (Queen Elizabeth II).  In spite of 300 years apart between then, there are not much difference.

Well, the primitive patterns on battle shields in 1066 were quickly stylised to heraldry by 1189, when Richard I made the College of Arms, then has been staying similar until today.  The ‘walking lions’ against red background was designed more than 900 years ago.

1959Bermuda001 – Version 2




electrical arrow / 電撃

April 23, 2013


1965 Bermuda
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

I found more stamps issued for the same theme, the 1965 Telecommunication Union.  This set is from Bermuda, a British overseas territory, thus it has the silhouette of the Queen.  Apart from the Queen, the designer made his/her own interpretation on the ITU’s design guidance – the zig-zag arrow is extended, making a nice and simple composition.