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January 2, 2021


7 May 1951, Argentinia

This beautiful and gentle looking bull is from South America – where livestock cattle were brought from Europe. Did they had buffalo before then? In the report of 2018, Argentina has the 7th largest population of cattle in the world.


tilted globe / 傾いた地球

April 13, 2020

25 August 1921, Argentina
Pan-American Postal Congress

The centre is “an allegorical figure of Pan-America, wearing a mail bag and holding letter envelopes“.  She is celebrating the first gathering of the Pan-American Postal Congress.

What most caught my eye is the tilted globe.  Well, the designer wanted to show the connection of the two continents and to place their country in view – but this tilted globe looks symbolic for the pandemic we are experiencing right now.  It’s not going to be turned upside down and the globe will recover…





sincere kawaii / 誠実かわいい

July 16, 2015


1968, Argentina

Some stamps are made for public campaign with serious theme – and they need to reach their correct audience.  As a result, some of the road safety stamps are often cute.  This one from Argentina has children in rigid manner, but helped by bright colours and hand sticks out from the background frame, it is lifted to kawaii field.


season of red wine / 赤ワインの季節

September 22, 2014


26 February 2000, Argentina

In autumn, somehow I want to drink Red wine rather than summery White wine.  So, I feel that I am in autumn season, today.

I met a very nice designer/artist couple from Argentina this summer in France – OK in their country the season is now spring, but here in Europe I think about harvest of grapes.

Well designed stamps with rhythmically placed circles, to tell us their passion on wine – I wish to visit in the near future.