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matured / 歳を重ねる

February 1, 2015


20 November 1962, Romania
Prime Farm Stock, Lamb and Ram
design:  I. Untch

How fast January has passed and this feeling is growing stronger every year!  Events over Christmas and the New Year made me think about the fact that we all are getting older year by year.  OK, we have to accept it naturally and let’s call it becoming mature, rather than getting old – we might be ‘fermenting’ in other words..

A vulnerable and cute Lamb is grown into a tough Ram in a few years –  well, these stamps give us a completely different impression.  Some character has gone, but another is developing.



bugle horn and horse 2 / 馬と角笛 その2

February 9, 2014

15 November 1958, Romania
Centenary of First Romanian Postage Stamps
design & engrave: Serban Zainea

Celebrating 100 years of postage stamps – and the bugle horn and horse were the main delivery method still at that time.


moo moo & oink oink / モーモー、ブーブー

March 20, 2010

20 November 1962, Romania
Prime Farm Stock
design: I. Untch

One more 1960’s set of stamps in evocative colours from Romania.  Even printed with four colours on coarse paper and picturing life stocks of farmers, if designer has ability to make nice composition and colours, the stamps look good.  I would smile whole day if I receive a letter with these stamps on.

By the way, it is quite interesting to know sound of animals in different country.  Pigs talk ‘bu-bu-‘ in Japan and ‘oink oink’ sounds very odd for me.  How do bulls and pigs make noise in your language?



Pigeon on a handlebar / 自転車とハト

October 17, 2009

30 May 1957, Romania
10th International Cycle Race
design: V. Grigorescu

Another handlebar design on stamp, this time it is pictured correct, I think. It is interesting how a part of particular object reveal the whole.  According to ”Bicycle Stamp” by Dan Gindling ( 1997, Motorbooks International ), this Peace Race was held to retain relationship between Czechslovakia and Poland after the World War Ⅱ, started from Warsaw, ended in Prague – then why stamp issued in Romania?

同じハンドルバーでもこちらは正しく描かれているようです。ある道具の一部分だけが描かれたら、それが何か分かる、というのは面白いですね。ダン・ギンドリング著『Bicycle Stamp』によると、この「Peace Race」は第二次世界大戦後のチェコスロバキアとポーランドの関係回復のために企画された自転車レースのようです。ワルシャワを出発し、プラハでゴール。あれ、ではなぜルーマニアで切手になっているのでしょう?