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suit of armour 2 / 甲冑 2

April 14, 2014

1953 Portugal
Seal of authority of King Dinis or ‘Cavalinho’
design: Martins Barata

Another stamp of medieval knight – showing the seal of Denis of Portugal, a king of 13 – 14th century Portugal.

I went to Milano furniture fair since I posted the last Swedish knight stamp two weeks ago, I am still in a feeling of wearing armour.  I was worn out and slept almost two days after I return to home.



horse power / 馬力

January 23, 2014

1978 Portugal

Until the steam engine was invented in 18th century, horses had pulled a lots of good, supplies and people from one place to another – for very long time in the history.


bird & postal code / 鳥と郵便番号(封筒も)

March 25, 2012

1978 Portugal
Postal Code

A bird carrying an envelope – and two stamps together promoting postal codes.  It seems that machine sorting was introduced in many countries during the 1970s.

ポルトガルから – 鳥が封書をくわえて飛ぶおなじみの構図で、しかも郵便番号の普及を呼びかけている切手です。1970年代に、世界の各国で手紙の機械分類が始まったのですね。