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jump over a hurdle / ハードルを越えた

December 29, 2014


15 June 1960, Poland
Olympic Games, Rome
design: S. Malecki

This year has passed very fast – OK, this is a fact that each year passes faster than the previous one!  And at least I feel that I have jumped over a hurdle and am getting back to normal.

I like the graceful design of this Polish stamp – do you notice the embossed figure other the horse and rider?  But I was puzzled by the mention of Berlin 1936 here… then I found out that the rider was one of the Polish successes in the previous notorious Olympic Games of that year.



bugle horn and horse 4 / 馬と角笛 その4

February 10, 2014

24 February 1958, Poland
400th Anniversary of Polish Postal Service
design: S. Malecki

Second feature of a day – I have too many horse stamps but I don’t want to continue for a year.

This is celebrating 400 years of postal history.  This horse looks gentle.  The White silhouette should be the airplane for the modern air mail.



peace race / 平和な競争

July 25, 2011

27 April 1962, Poland
Peace Race, Berlin-Prague-Warsaw

The last day of the Tour de France is traditionally peaceful and friendly – until a few laps before the goal.  All the team members of the winner and lots of others wore yellow sun glasses this year, as if they praised everyone’s courage.  Yes, riding through 21 stages is already a huge achievement.

These stamps are celebrating the 15th Peace Race, which started in 1948 to recreate a friendly reunion between Czechoslovakia and Poland, then extended to Berlin in 1952.  ‘Peace’ in different languages shows how international the race was already in 1962.

I forgot almost – but the right hand side top corner of this stamp below is my blog icon picture.