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huge radio tower / 巨大ラジオ塔

May 3, 2017

22 December 1951, Monaco
Monte Carlo Radio Station
designer: M. Camia / engraver: P. Gandon

This stamp is full of elements that I like – multi coloured intaglio print, lattice tower, concentric circles and zig-zag electrical arrows.  In addition, the size of the tower in comparison to the port town makes me smile.

All three colour combinations are delightful.



ant on hand / 手のひらの蟻

June 7, 2016


3 June 1961, Monaco
Nature Preservation
designer:  J. E. Lorenzi
engraver: Pierre Gandon

Hands are often depicted as icons.  Here is another stamp from Monaco, which does not really express the stated concept of nature preservation, but is nicely drawn with beautiful colours.



blood donor & hand / 献血と手

June 5, 2016


6 September 1971, Monaco
7th International Blood Donors Federation Congress
designer: B. Minneengraver: Pierre Gandon

A hand holds wishes of help and support – from the blood donor. An appealing design with the emblem of the congress and Monaco’s ‘Fusilly’ heraldry pattern on the sleeve.


flying pigeons / 飛び立つハト

August 11, 2011

12 April 1954, Monaco
‘Pigeons released from mobile loft’
design and engraving: Raoul Serres

Following a Dove stamp from Switzerland, I pick up this from Monaco.  I did not know that people had this mobile Homing pigeon hut until seeing this stamp.  Pigeon keeping was popular from ancient times until the 1960’s, as they delivered communication materials. A Pigeon-Gram service even existed at the end of 18th century to the early 19th century.  Domestic pigeons also provided valuable manure for farmers – thus many beautiful Dovecotes still exist.


50th Tour de France / ツールドフランス50回

July 15, 2010

12 Decemer 1963, Monaco
50th ‘Tour de France Cycle Race’
design & engrave: C. Durrens (25c), J. Pheulpin (50c)

This year’s Tour de France is the 97th of its event.  It started in 1903, suspended for 11 years at the World War Ⅰ and Ⅱ, then back on 1947.  This set of stamps are celebrating its 50th event, issued from Monaco. Top one depicts scene in 1903, when every racer had moustache and carried spare tires in case of puncture, the second one is a cyclist in 1963, when helmet was not worn.  I found an article in holga blog, collecting old photography of Tour de France, .

Both stamps are beautifully engraved Intaglio, especially the first one is showing details of tool bag on handle bar, great effort on racer’s face and excited spectators with moustache!