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dark days.. / 昼も暗い、、

December 23, 2013

12 February 1953, Iceland
“Reykjabók” manuscript with candle
design: S. Jónsson

It was stormy day today and even at noon I needed a desk lamp to read.  I imagined how dark the inside of a house was before electricity was invented – and even worse in parts further north than here in London.

I found a candle light reading picture on an Icelandic stamp and the rumpled book is a manuscript from 14th century.



Northern Birch / 北国のシラカバ

April 25, 2012

4 September 1957, Iceland
design: Mrs. B. Arnasson
Icelandic Birch and Norwegian Spruce

Cool mono colours, crisp intaglio engraving and simple composition.  These stamps evoke an adoration for the short and precious Northern Summer and praiseworthy energy of trees.


one year on / 火山の混乱から1年

April 16, 2011

3 December 1947, Iceland
Mt Hekla in Eruption
design: S. Jónsson

Just a year ago, people in Europe started to realise that an event of nature can cause great disorder to our modern society.  I was in Milano last year today, looking for an alternative route to get out from Milano – it took 25 hours to get back to London through Euro-tunnel.

This set of stamps are showing an eruption of Helka, one of Iceland’s main volcanoes, in 1947.  The close-up below shows great needle work by the engraver, signed SJ, depicting erupting volcanic ashes both near and far.

Iceland has been supplying most of its required electricity by renewable sources – geothermal and hydro power. And also they are developing hydrocarbon exploration, as they are aiming to be energy-independent by 2050.