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tracing your letter / 手紙を追跡する

March 16, 2013

9 September 2011, Croatia
’20 Years of Postage Stamps of The Republic of Croatia’
design: Nikola Žinić & Davor Bruketa

This one has the simplest design amongst QR stamps – and it allows you to track the journey of your letter.  The QR takes you to the Croatian Post website, where the sender types the unique number on the stamp, then the receiver logs-in to tell the sender when it has arrived.  Yes, it is a new trial and I wonder how many people will actually use this function?  On the ‘Latest Activity’ section of the web site, it says one letter was posted 3 weeks ago and had not yet arrived to its destination.


www. on stamps / 切手にHPアドレス

March 10, 2013

2008 & 2010, Croatia
‘Ana Rukavina Foundation’

After a stamp features @, here are a set from Croatia, which are showing URL of a National Humanitarian Campaign on leukaemia.  Ana Rukavina Foundation was made to raise awareness of bone marrow donations.  As Ana’s fight against the illness was known through the internet, it is appropriate to spread the information of this campaign via the www address.

I haven’t seen any other URL printed on stamps yet, but a few more have been issued, I imagine.

「@」の載った切手の次は、「www.」が印刷されている切手を。クロアチアで2006年に始まった、白血病患者を救う骨髄献血を呼びかけるキャンペーンの切手には、キャンペーンのロゴとHPが載っています。Ana Rukavinaのブログがきっかけで広まったこの活動をもっと多くの人に知らせるために、切手というメディアを使っていることが興味深いです。