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merry christmas / メリークリスマス

December 25, 2013

22 December 1979, Bulgaria
design: St. Kunchev

Merry Christmas!

I imagine that in the ancient world people had celebrated ‘longing daytime’ when they realise that – three or four days after the Winter Solstice.  Then the Christmas had taken over this festive season – this is my inference.

This Bulgarian stamps are in fact for the new year celebration – yet they look very Christmas for me.




radish? / ラディッシュ?

September 19, 2011

30 April 1972, Bulgaria
World Heart Month
design: A. Stareishinki

It has been a month and a day, since I posted last stamps.  Time flies!  OK, radish again.

My favourite taxi in London is greentomato – they are punctual and quiet.  I was picket up by one of their drivers, a Bulgarian, the other day.  He told me ‘Bulgaria is known only for yogurt and Sumo wrestlers in Japan ( this is true ), but we have wonderful vegetables, too.  I make money in London, then go home to open a guest house and will serve my mum’s organic vegetables to my guests.’  This radish stamp reminds me of that driver and I am looking forward to visit him some day.

p.s. The motif was not radish, but Heart and a tree growing from it…



p.s. 赤カブと思っていたのは♡とそこから育つ木のデザインでした。

1960’s cat / 媚びてない猫

March 17, 2010

27 May 1967, Bulgaria
design: M. Peikova & V. Vasileva
cats: Abyssinian, European black & white

After featuring 5 bicycle stamps, mean looking cats for change.  Maybe they aren’t really mean, but just not ingratiating at all.  Somehow, colour combinations of these stamps evoke me 1960’s atmosphere.