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communication tools / 通信ツール

March 6, 2013

2000 South Korea
‘Cyber Korea 21 Century’

It was three months ago, on 3 December 2012 – the morning radio program was interviewing a man, a former researcher for Vodafone, who had sent the world’s first text message to a mobile phone in 1992.  The program was celebrating the 20th birthday of SMS.

This stamp shows the communication tools in 2000.  After only 13 years, we rarely see this type of telephone handset these days, handle CD format data less and less, and also the mouse has evolved.  The appearance of physical products don’t stay long, but “@” has been surviving well and we will keep it for a while.. won’t we?



Merry Christmas / メリー クリスマス

December 24, 2012

1960 South Korea

Wherever you go, you listen to Christmas songs.  TV has Christmas special programs and adverts of them all the time.  So, it is natural to find Christmas stamps among others…  yes, I would feature one I like.  Limited colours on rough paper, but delicate dots are showing softness of the socks and it is charming!

Have a peaceful Christmas, everyone.



telephone in place of airmail / 電話の登場

April 4, 2012

1965 South Korea

It is clear that the airmail service lost some of its importance in overseas communications to the telephone at some point.  By the mid 60’s international telephone links had expanded worldwide.  But at least on this stamp in 1965, the airmail envelope is depicted in front of a telephone handset – a little wistfully.


wild cat or tiger? / 猫それとも虎?

May 7, 2009

1983 South Korea

This was the first stamp I bought for purpose for collection, when I traveled to Seoul in 1991.  Graphically modified beautiful stripy wild cat – in fact, it is a tiger – had its origin from folk painting of Korea.

コレクションの目的で買った最初の切手です。1991年にソウルのおみやげ店にて。凹版印刷のインクの盛り上がりがはっきり見える精緻な図柄と、少しだけずれた色版が愛らしい。トラかヤマネコか — 実は韓国の民芸絵画に描かれた虎でした。