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not too late / 今も支援が必要です

December 30, 2013

1963 Philippines
100 years of Red Cross

Tomorrow is the last day of this year – and one of the things I should not forget is there are still a thousands of people do not have their secure houses to sleep in peace.  Still not too late to support them through Red Cross in your country.  In the UK, the link is here.


country of spirited people / 元気な人々の国

November 11, 2013

2 December 2010, Philippines
Ateneo de Manila High School

I was in a highly rated national hospital in London in early September for a week.  I was taken care of by a team of the British doctors and a group of hard-working nurses – majority of the nurses were from the Philippines.  They were prompt, kind and cheerful.  My experience in the hospital was lifted up by their merrily smiles a lot.

And now in their mother country, many towns and villages are totally devastated and many people are living without safe place, food and water.  I really hope that the help they need and deserve will arrive to them as quickly as possible.

This stamp is celebrating their most historical educational institution‘s 60th anniversary since it became a university.




girl scout 2 / ガールスカウト2

August 4, 2011

19 January 1957, Philippines
Girl Scout World Camp at Quezon City

The girl scouts movement started in Japan in 1920, but in the Philippines it started 63 years earlier, in 1857.  This clover leaf is the emblem of the girl scouts.  Simple and clean design, with four tents behind a silhouette of a girl, with a streak of cooking smoke… I get hungry somehow.

p.s. The Scouting Movement started 1907 – it seems the year 1857 on this stamps has nothing to do with the Scounting… a bit of mystery remains.