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saving hand / 貯める手

February 18, 2017


1981 Israel
Energy Conservation

The light bulb is a symbol of energy and pink hand stocks saving.  Strong colours and bold lines to express – but without words, not telling me the intention of design straight away.  Does it tell to you?


hand squeezes sun / 太陽をしぼる手

February 8, 2017


1981 Israel
Solar Energy

A hand is squeezing solar energy from the sun.  With my Eastern origin, this concept is rather difficult to understand.  But this stamp shows me an active attitude towards the energy problem – we need a big hand to squeeze the sun to use its benefits to the last drop.  But how big should this hand be?  Well, the size of the hand of God!


hazardous? / 体に害?

February 15, 2011

2000 Israel

Finally, the power of the people removed the Egyptian President.  Israel, which is sharing a border with Egypt is concerned about the future of its neighbouring countries.

This stamp was issued 11 years ago, not concerning the communication and networking which mobile phones are offering now, which are contributing towards change, but rather the so-called ‘micro wave effect’ to your brain, I guess.  It was discussed for a while, but we all forgot about it by now, didn’t we?