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women and versatile milk

March 8, 2021


1982, India

Today is International Women’s Day – good to know that spotlights are onto remarkable women in various professions.

In addition to that, I would like to think about anonymous women who take care of their families. For example, this woman on an Indian stamp, is carrying milk and produces a variety of food from it – such as yoghurt, ghee, butter and cheese – everyday, throughout her life.



not to eat

March 7, 2021


1974, India
International Diary Congress

Historically, Oxen and cattle are holy animals for Indians who follow Hinduism, so they don’t eat beef. As a result, the cattle in this stamp are proud producers of milk if people pay respect, knowing they will not be eaten.

On the contrary, the Jewish law of diet says that they must not eat any mammals which not to ruminate. Some people think mammals are too intelligent to eat, and choose to be vegetarian or vegan. And the last and the latest group of people are now choosing to eat less beef than before, because the carbon footprint of keeping them is really high.