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rowing through a year / 一年を漕ぎきる

December 31, 2012

*exch. 058 ( used: limited number )

1985 Hong Kong
Dragon Boat Festival

On the last day of the year of the Dragon – again this year was busy as we rowed through the seasons…  Hoping these efforts will produce a nice calm peace in the near future.

Have a nice new year!



dragon and lion / 龍とライオン

January 3, 2012

1982 Hong Kong

After a pair of Dragon and Tiger, next one is the Dragon and Lion on both sides of the Queen.

It is obvious that the lion with a crown is the sovereign Britain and the dragon is the symbol of Hong Kong.  Their paws are wide open and eyes are slanted upward – they seem not to be in a peaceful relationship at all.  15 years to go for the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong.  Brave postal officers.  Sharrrrrrr.