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racing girl / 速そうな女子

March 10, 2010

28 December 1959, China
1st National Sports Meet

In recent cycling competitions of Women’s sprint, you always find strong Chinese girls.  I realise that they have long history back to 1950’s.  This stamp has beautiful composition and colour combination and the girl looks very fast.


post woman 2 / 郵便配達婦人

March 8, 2010

10 May 1966, China
Women in Public Service

My second stamp on female post delivery in this blog.  The first one is from Denmark, 1988. This girl looks fit and healthy – in fact, 1966 was the beginning of Cultural Revolution.  The life of ordinary people should have been different from political propaganda.  Still, the stamp was made well, with nice colour and pretty cloud in the sky.


water spreading / 散水少女

March 5, 2010

5 February 1978, China
‘Army and People are One Family
illustration: 林墉, design: 召柏林

I like to find working women in stamps and there are a lot in Chinese ones.  Well, I do not really know what they are doing, though…  making Rainbow?



water a tree / 日中青年友好

March 1, 2010

24 September 1984, China
Plan of ‘China-Japan Youth Centre’
design: 鄒建軍

In 1984, there was a discussion between China and Japan to establish this centre in order to induce cultural and economical exchange of young generations.  These stamps were issued to promote the plan.  The centre was built finally in 1991 in Beijing – so, it was a bit like watering a small plant to grow a tree.  I have not found any stamp to celebrate its completion, yet.

Following lastest three posts, which I happened to feature Japanese kimono girls, I am introducing these stamps from China.  3 March is a Girl’s Day in Japan.



last days of year of Ox / 丑年の最後の日

December 30, 2009

15 January 2009, China
‘Ji-Chou Year’ Year of Ox
design: 陳紹華

Only today and tomorrow are the rest of this year.   The Chinese Zodiac animal of this year was Ox.  This stamp has nicely illustrated Bull, rather Ox, has wild eyes and flying legs.  Starts in middle of perforation dots before the stamp is separated from sheet.


Cha Hu / 喫茶の道具

July 23, 2009

5 May 1994, China
Unglazed Purple Teasets at Yixing
design: 李印清 & 王虎鳴

Tree Legs tea pot from Ming Dynasty (top), Four Legs Square tea pot (second) and Bamboo Bunch tea pot (thrid) from Qing Dynasty and modern pot with handle (bottom).  All made in typical cray from Yixing area and they are for Oolong Tea.


pheasant walk / キジ歩き(走り?)

May 4, 2009

5 May 1997 China
Rare Birds  ‘環頚雉’
design: 曽孝濂 & Inga-Karin Eriksson

I like pheasant, the way their tails bob around as they run cross the road.  Somehow I never see them flying.

This stamp was a joint issue between China and Sweden, on theme of rare birds.  Two stamps were issued and this one is depicting Swedish ‘Common Pheasant’.  Swedish stamps of same design has C. Slania’s name printed.