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sincere kawaii / 誠実かわいい

July 16, 2015


1968, Argentina

Some stamps are made for public campaign with serious theme – and they need to reach their correct audience.  As a result, some of the road safety stamps are often cute.  This one from Argentina has children in rigid manner, but helped by bright colours and hand sticks out from the background frame, it is lifted to kawaii field.


Lights on the bike! / 自転車にライトを

December 22, 2012

*exch. 057 ( one used only )

18 August 1973, Hungary
‘Lights on the bike’
design: S. Légrády

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice and from today we have day time getting longer.  Hurrahhh!  But still, it is a rainy, dark, miserable day today.  Grrrrrrh.

In this dark and shallow light season, all drivers have to be very careful watching the road.  Bicycles without lights popping out from side roads are real danger.  Please do fit your bike with the brightest set of lights!

This Hungarian stamp is telling us of the importance of the lights, also depicting the dark European winter very well.




prudence on the road / 信号は守ろう

December 18, 2012

7 August 1957, Italy
Road Safety Campaign
designer: R. Mura

I have seen two cars ignore the red traffic light and went over it, in one day…  Even when we are living through a hectic December and dealing with all the things that this festive season brings , we really need to at least appreciate the traffic lights for the sake of other people’s safety!

Earlier this month I encountered a number of attractive Italian stamps for the first time, at a nice philately-shop in Milano.  Only because I had not seen good ones before, I thought that most Italian stamps were boring – but I was wrong.  This simple yet strong stamp tells me that I should get rid of my prejudice and visit local stamp shops anywhere I am able to.



road signs / 道路標識

November 9, 2009

1 March 1983 Netherland
100 years of A.N.W.B.
design by Hans Kruit and René van Raalte

ANWB stands for Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (Dutch automobile association).  This is designed in typical manner of 1980’s Doutch stamps, with a lot of informatio in multicolour, together with photograph – but done in nice way.


cycle your own / 二人乗りはダメ

August 12, 2009

8 November 1990 Denmark
design by T. Skov

Ride your bicycle on your own, not taking passenger on the back rack – I think this is what the top stamp says.  Right?  Second one is clear – drink or drive.


Road Safety / 交通安全

July 19, 2009

18 February 1969 DDR
5 Pfg: carefully + considerate
10 Pfg: always time orient
20 Pfg: precaution to railway crossing
25 Pfg: in doubtful case not overtake

Images are capturing trafic, but somehow very calm and static.