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concentric circles 2 / 電波・同心円その2

June 29, 2017

1965 Turkey
100 years of telecommunication

Although it is not really sophisticated, I am attracted by this stamp with lattice tower and concentric circles plus zig-zag arrows…


radio antenna system / 国境の山の鉄塔

June 28, 2017

19 June 1959, Austria
Radio Antenna System
designer: R. Fuchs / engraver: Rudolf Toth

Radio antenna system standing ( oh, is it still there? ) on the Zugspitze, a mountain on the border between Austria and Germany.  Beautifully engraved stamp, nice to look at to be chilled on a hot evening.


huge radio tower / 巨大ラジオ塔

May 3, 2017

22 December 1951, Monaco
Monte Carlo Radio Station
designer: M. Camia / engraver: P. Gandon

This stamp is full of elements that I like – multi coloured intaglio print, lattice tower, concentric circles and zig-zag electrical arrows.  In addition, the size of the tower in comparison to the port town makes me smile.

All three colour combinations are delightful.



radio tower / ラジオ塔

April 24, 2017

23 September 2005, Sweden
Varberg Radio Station, Grimeton
designer: Hannu Jarvio / engraver: Piotr Naszarkowski

I really like the lattice towers.  They are designed purely for function – built as high as possible with  a minimum of materials, the wind passes through otherwise it would topple down in a storm.

This stamp is looking up at one of 6 transmitters at the radio station at Varberg in Sweden, built in 1922 to 1924.  Now it is classified as a World Heritage Site and opened to public on Alexanderson Day.



concentric circles / 電波・同心円

April 23, 2017

1976, Ireland
50 years of Irish Radio
design: Graham Shepherd & Al O’Donnell

Another way of showing the invisible phenomenon of radio waves – a set of concentric circles.  Often the waves are dispatched from a radio tower ( yes, in this case of an Italian, 1947 ) and in this Irish stamp, there is an earth in the centre to tell us that their broadcast is connected to the world.


この切手からRCサクセションの『トランジスタ・ラジオ』を思い出し、びっくりするくらい歌詞を覚えていて、今も耳から離れません。『ベイエリアから / リバプールから / このアンテナがキャッチするナンバー』と清志郎(あぁ、すてきなしゃがれ声だったなぁ。追悼)が歌ったのが1980年、この切手の4年後でした。

lattice tower 3 / 鉄塔 その3

June 19, 2013

1 September 1947, Italy
50th Anniversary of Radio
design: R. Garrasi

I did not post anything for a month… and am still looking at stamps with lattice tower…

But a book which I have just finished has revised my view on these Italian stamps.  “Clouds above the Hill” by Shiba Ryotaro told me how important telecommunication facilities were already during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904 – 1905, both at the War front, as well as international newspapers which put great pressure on the Russian emperor to accept America’s mediation offer.

Similar to aviation and other heavy industries, telecommunication was developed with national needs and energy – yes, it was looked up at with awe and could be possessed by higher existence.




lattice tower 2 / 鉄塔 その2

May 12, 2013

1 February 1952, Switzerland
Swiss Telecommunications Centenary
design:  P Gauchat

Another abstract lattice tower which is dispersing wavy lines.  This is a set of four stamps and each design commemorates a different method of communication.

We get used to imagining our sky covered by communication networks, but 100 years before this stamp, it must have been a new concept to have invisible waves flying above us.




lattice tower / 鉄塔

May 9, 2013

17 May 1965, Netherlands Antilles
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design: E. N. Ayubi

This is the 8th and the last stamp on the same theme of ITU – from a former constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the Caribbean.

The zig-zag arrow, in between two lattice towers, is expressing wireless communication over distance.  Cute!



slight variation / バリエーション

April 19, 2013

*exch. 060

17 May 1965, Japan
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design: Yoshiomi Higashikadoi

Issued for the same theme of telecommunication as the previous two stamps from Ceylon, Brazil, France and British.  A Japanese stamp designer had taken guidance from the ITU a little straight, and made minor changes – somehow this modest stamp appeals to me, it’s charming.

If you look at the little detail of the electrical Insulators, and find slight differences in shape between each country – you might share an odd passion on ‘Insulator watchers’ – I am one of those proud Otaku.

国際電気通信連合( ITU )



and satellite transmission / 衛星通信の登場

March 25, 2013


17 May 1965, France
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design & engraving: Albert Decaris

The last stamp which is showing a Telegraph key – this one shows the history of telecommunications, all-in-one.  The aerial in front of the dome is called a Helical antenna, which was built for High frequency radio communications before the usage of satellites.

I like this way to apply the traditional printing method of intaglio, for picturing the historical and the latest technology, together with lots of stars ( and satellites ) in the sky.  Designed by the same engraver as this stamp, one of my top favourites.



looking at the stars / 星空を見上げる

October 22, 2011

1 November 1978, Japan
Tokyo Astronomical Observatory Centenary
design: Kanji Takeara

I received a lovely postcard from Japan and this stamp was used.  I remember when this stamp came out – I was 12 years old, just after moving from a small town to the big city of Hiroshima, where I realised that I couldn’t find any stars in the sky.

Now I live on the edge of metropolitan London, but above the forest here there are more stars to be seen.  We had clear blue skies for last few days, similar to Japanese autumn sky, and I’ve been enjoying real stars, as well as the ones on this stamp.